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Small electric three-wheel high-pressure cleaning truck

Small electric three-wheel high-pressure cleaning truck


Parametro del prodotto
Washing truck model CF600GQX Dimensioni del veicolo 3.0×1.2×1.4m
Telaio Zongshen Walking motor 60V-1000W
batteria Tianneng 45Ah dry maintenance-free battery recharge mileage 30 km
Serbatoio d'acqua 600 liter plastic water tank Capacità della tanica di benzina 25 L
Pompa ad alta pressione BOTUO Work pressure 250 bar
Pump flow 18 L/min Fan nozzle 0 gradi, 15 gradi, 25 gradi, 45 gradi
High pressure reel 15 m, 20m


Basic Features:

The chassis of Zongshen heavy-duty three-wheeled electric vehicle is used, with the nationwide warranty and easy maintenance. It is equipped with a 60V 1200W walking motor and a 45AH dry-type maintenance-free battery to ensure strong power output. The driver adopts a double-beam structure, with mechanical high and low gear speed adjustment, and strong climbing ability. Equipped with oversized tires and shock absorbers, it can easily cope with high load conditions.

Consiglio dei ministri:

Built-in special plastic water tank, permanent anti-rust, the capacity of the water tank is 600 litri, and it can be flushed normally for more than 40 minuti. The stainless steel hatchback cabinet is beautiful and easy to maintain.

Cleaning the pump unit:

Honda engines are equipped with German water pumps. The engine uses electronic ignition and a 25-liter large-capacity fuel tank is added. The water pump output 250 kg pressure, strong cleaning ability.

Barrel accessories:

It comes with a 15-meter water pipe automatic retractor, which is convenient for retracting and releasing the high-pressure pipe.

Three core functions:

The front of the truck is equipped with left and right side flushes, which provide the best solution for motorized flushing and cleaning of sidewalks and slow lanes.

Dimensioni del veicolo:

The compact body is suitable for traveling through various streets and lanes.


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