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Pentium intelligent anti-epidemic car appears

March 29, 2020

Sudden new COVID 19 to the country and people has brought great challenges, many car companies are very brave during the assumed social responsibility and mission, to actively participate in prevention work.Recently, China Netcom Corporation from official sources that the March 18, FAW Pentium Pentium intelligent prevention donated vehicles to the Changchun municipal government, help in fighting the epidemic prevention and control line of angels.


It is reported that FAW Pentium car donated by intelligent prevention and development centers on the basis of the Pentium Pentium brand new T77 PRO on the need to upgrade the transformation from epidemic prevention and control in accordance with, roof-mounted intelligent AI detection and infrared temperature measurement system, intelligent motion detection.


According to official reports, this smart car vaccination can minimize the probability of infected staff.The car has a leading infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, long range, “contactless” measurement of body temperature.In the case of being affected by the ambient temperature, abnormal body temperature “seconds” identification, the measurement error is reduced to a minimum, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the temperature of the human body.


Further, this object is achieved by a multi-car may be detected simultaneously AI face recognition, reduce latency, and thus to save the data to a local monitored daily for disease prevention officers.

FAW Pentium act quickly in this outbreak, epidemic prevention vehicle donation intelligent, demonstrates support for the current Pentium epidemic prevention and control work, and reflects the company’s determination to work together to co-anti-epidemic, epidemic prevention and control warfare to win this injection a powerful force.

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