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Dongfeng Tianlong cleans the sewage suction truck in the first four and after eight in the Euro six

Dongfeng Tianlong cleans the sewage suction truck in the first four and after eight in the Euro six

Parametri tecnici del veicolo
Modello di veicolo CL5310GQWZH6 nome del prodotto Cleaning the sewage suction truck
massa totale (kg) 31000 Massa nominale (kg) 11975,11910
peso a vuoto (kg) 18895 Velocità massima (km / h) 89
Dimensioni (mm) 11990×2550×3980 Numero di passeggeri 3,2
Angolo di avvicinamento / angolo di partenza (°) 17/11 Sospensione anteriore / sospensione posteriore (mm) 1500/2545


Parametri tecnici del telaio
Nome del telaio Dongfeng modello di telaio DFH1310A9
Numero di assi 4 Numero di pneumatici 12
interasse (mm) 1995+4600+1350 Pneumatici 11.00R20 18PR
Tipo di carburante Diesel Standard di emissione Euro Six
motore Dongfeng commercial 350 cavalli Riduttore Shaanxi 12th gear
Basic chassis configuration
configurazione dello chassis It is produced with the original chassis of Dongfeng Company, 1995+4600+1350mm interasse: cabina con doppia cuccetta rialzata, Euro Sixth Dongfeng commercial 350 cavalli del motore, Shaanxi gear 12-speed 12JSD160TA gearbox, 5T doppio asse anteriore, 10T single-stage reduction double rear axle (Dongfeng 435), the cross-sectional dimension of the longitudinal beam of the frame is 300×90×(8+5)mm, the number of leaf springs is 9/9/10, 11.00R20 radial tire, con ABS (Dongfeng 62 factory, manual glass sunroof, electric Glass lifter, con aria condizionata, cruise system, registratore di guida, under-protection.
Carica configurazione The tank body is made of high-quality national standard steel plate with a thickness of 8mm. It is a one-piece tank. The effective volume of the tank body is 33 metri cubi (freely divided into bins). The auxiliary beam is formed by pressing thick steel. The hydraulically thickened side jack lifts the cylinder, and the back cover is opened and closed hydraulically. , Weichai 420 horsepower auxiliary engine is installed on the front side of the sewage suction tank to connect with 253 water circulation pump; the cleaning part adopts Shuangyao 270 flow high pressure pump, with two sets of 80 meters diameter 25 cleaning pipes, rear cleaning reel (removable ), 150 stealth row, 201 stainless steel water tank is installed on the right rear side, anti-skid walkway is installed in the tank walkway, 2 ladders, and the rest are standard equipment, strictly in accordance with the announcement.


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