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Isuzu Snow Sweeper

Isuzu snow sweeper parameter configuration table and picture display

Isuzu 600P snow sweeper


The Isuzu Snow Sweeper is composed of an Isuzu road sweeper with a 2.5-meter wide snow shovel device. The snow shovel has a left and right swing function, and the snow shovel can be quickly disassembled when not in use.
The Isuzu road sweeper has two engines. The engine used for the sweeping function is a 77.5 horsepower diesel engine of Jiangling Company, and the 1 cubic water tank and 3.5 cubic waste bin are all made of stainless steel plates.
Isuzu push snow sweeper can also be installed sprinkler, the sprinkler installation, the truck is not only push the snow vehicle, sweeper function, also has the function of sprinkler sprinkling pediment, is a multi-blade type Snow road sweeping sprinkler .
If you want to install a snow shovel device to buy a vehicle, you can contact the sales manager of Chengli Company . We will match you with the most suitable snow shovel device according to the size of your vehicle. 

Main technical parameters of Isuzu Snow Sweeper

[Main technical parameters of Isuzu Snow Sweeper]

product name

Qingling Isuzu Road Sweeper

Company Name

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd

Total mass of Qingling Isuzu road sweeper kg


Curb weight kg


Rated load weight kg


Dimensions mm


The number of passengers in the cab


Load quality utilization factor

Approach angle/departure angle°


Front suspension/rear suspension mm


Number of axes


Wheelbase of Qingling Isuzu Road Sweeper mm


Axle load kg


Maximum speed km/h


Isuzu Snow Sweeper Chassis Technical Parameters】

Qingling Isuzu Road Sweeper Chassis Model


Chassis name

Truck chassis

Brand name



Qingling Motor Co., Ltd.



Number of tires


Approach / departure angle


Tire specifications


Number of leaf spring


Front track


Fuel type

Diesel oil

Rear track


Emission Standards

GB17691-2005 ( Euro III)

Engine Model of Qingling Isuzu Road Sweeper

Engine manufacturer

Qingling Isuzu road sweeper displacement ml

Power of Qingling Isuzu Road Sweeper kw


Qingling Motor Co., Ltd.


96kw /130 horsepower


Sub-engine model

JMC 493

Auxiliary engine power

57 KW 77.5 horsepower

Qingling Isuzu road sweeper sweeping width

2.8-3 m

Clean water tank volume (stainless steel liner)

±1.2 m 3

Trash bin volume (stainless steel liner)

±3.8 m 3

Qingling Isuzu road sweeper operating speed

3~15 km/h

Maximum operating capacity

45000 m 2 /h

Maximum suction particle size/mass

100 mm / ±1.5kg

Cleaning efficiency


Isuzu 600P road sweeper

Main structure of Isuzu Snow Shovel Road Sweeper:

The snow shovel of Qingling Isuzu Snow Sweeper is mainly composed of a snow pusher, a horizontal slewing mechanism, a swinging mechanism, a spring mechanism, and a turning mechanism. The slewing mechanism is hydraulically controlled by an oil cylinder, an articulated frame, and a power unit. The snow push board is made of 3mm thick steel plate, and the shovel board is made of 65 manganese spring steel plate, which has the function of avoiding obstacles.

  Main performance and parameters of Qingling Isuzu Snow Sweeper :

1) 2.5m snow shovel Isuzu multi-function snow removal road sweeper, municipal road sweeper with snow shovel, total width of snow removal board is 2500mm

2) The snow pushing speed is 3~80Km/h

3) The left and right swing angle of the snow shovel is 30° each

4) If an obstacle is encountered, and the resistance increases enough to overcome the preload of the spring, the snow pusher will automatically rise up. When the obstacle is passed, the snow pusher will return to its position by its own weight and the tension of the spring.

5) The 2.5-meter snow shovel Isuzu multi-function snow removal road sweeper and municipal road sweeper with snow shovel have reliable limit functions during movement.

6) The snow shovel adopts gravity loading function and has the function of road profiling.

7) There are warning sign poles on both sides to facilitate the safe operation of operators.

8) The connection method of the snow shovel is quick connection, which can be installed or disassembled within five minutes.

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