Isuzu Refrigerated Truck


Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

Isuzu 100P 4.2m refrigerated truck configuration: Qingling 100P single-row cab, blue card C certificate can be issued. Diesel engine with intercooled turbocharger, Isuzu 4KH1CN5LS engine, power 72kw, 98 horsepower, 5-speed gearbox, steering assist, cab air-conditioning, with ABS, oil brake, 7.00R16 steel tires, 3360 wheelbase.

Car body configuration: The body material is made of inner and outer glass steel plates, the middle is made of 8 cm thick high-density polyurethane heat insulation board, the bottom of the body is installed with non-slip aluminum plate, the top of the cabin is installed with night lights, the rear double door, stainless steel locks , The underwrap of the car body is made of aluminum profiles, the size of the vehicle is 5995×1950×2900, and the size of the car body is 4150×1750×1750.

Unit configuration: Standard configuration adopts Xuelong or Hanxue brand units (all manufactured by Hubei Xiangyang manufacturers), optional -5 degrees (preservation) or -15 degrees (refrigeration) units, and optional American Carrier or American Refrigerator Imported refrigeration unit, optional independent or non-independent refrigeration unit according to customer requirements.

Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

Production process of Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

The refrigerated car body of our company is manufactured by a hydraulic adsorption integrated molding production line, and the thermal insulation performance reaches the national A-level standard, and the fully enclosed polyurethane plate bonding method;

Box board material: domestic high-quality 2.2mm glass fiber reinforced plastic (no light absorption, good heat insulation, strong hardness, anti-oxidation) is selected for the inner and outer wall panels; the middle insulation layer is XPS extruded polystyrene board or PUR polyurethane board;

Accessories: aluminum alloy edging around the car body, stainless steel corners, stainless steel door locks, stainless steel door frames and hinges, energy-saving LED lighting in the car body;

The standard thickness of the box body is 80mm, and the thickness of 60mm and 100mm can also be optional. The inner and outer wall panels can be equipped with glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel, color steel plate, and aluminum alloy.

Cooling machine selection Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

Adopting domestic and foreign well-known brand refrigeration units, which have the advantages of large refrigeration capacity, simple operation, safety and reliability. The optional brands are: Xiangfan Hanxue, Shanghai Songhan, Henan Huatai, Shenzhen Kelly, Zhengzhou Kaixue, South Korea Hana, Guangdong Jinda K, American Carrier, American Cold King.

Air duct picture display Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

Picture display of curtains and partitions Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

Vaccine medicines and medical waste compartments are all stainless steel picture display

Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

installment Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

1. The lender is between 22-55 years old

2. Married, both spouses have good credit records. (Unmarried, guarantor required)

Various instalment plans with zero down payment, zero interest, or interest rate around 5% are available.


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