Isuzu KV100 Refrigerator Truck


Isuzu KV100 Refrigerator Truck


The refrigerated truck is used to transport frozen food. The insulation body of the refrigerated truck is made of fully enclosed inner and outer glass steel plates, and the middle layer is made of polyurethane foam insulation. The body has light weight, high strength, no joints, good insulation, and durability. Corrosion and other characteristics.

Isuzu KV100 Refrigerator Truck
Detailed vehicle parameters


Chassis configuration: Euro 6-emission Qingling Isuzu single-row refrigerated truck, using Qingling Isuzu 120 horsepower, 3.0L displacement diesel engine, original air conditioner, headlight adjustment, air brake, multi-function LCD instrument panel, ABS, MSB 5-speed transmission Box, 7.00R16 tires.
Body material: It is manufactured by a hydraulic adsorption integrated molding production line, and its thermal insulation performance reaches the national A-level standard. The volume of the body is 15.6 cubic meters cubic meters meters. Oxidation), the thickness of the compartment is 8cm, the lining frame is made of high-quality light steel profile of Wuhan Iron and Steel, and the insulation material is non-void filled polyurethane foam. Zinc stainless steel corners, thick aluminum alloy edging, stainless steel rear door frame, thick stainless steel rear door hinges and locks, LED lighting and width indicator lights are used inside the car body.

Isuzu reefer van Truck, Isuzu freezer Truck

Isuzu KV100 Refrigerator Truck

Isuzu Refrigerated Truck,

Isuzu KV100 Refrigerator Truck

Isuzu KV100 Refrigerator Truck,

Isuzu KV100 Refrigerator Truck

Isuzu Refrigerator Truck,

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