ISUZU FVZ 6×4 10000 Liters Water Tank Truck


Product Description

This is the famous water tank truck made by ISUZU, here we say the chassis is made by ISUZU factory and the water tank body is made by Chengli water truck factory. The water truck mainly used for washing on urban roads, watering and greening on trees, green belts and lawn and dust full of construction sites. And also used for drinking water delivery and fire fighting function etc.

1.basic component : antirust tank, connecting device, special self suction sprinkler pump, pipeline, spray outlet, work platform.

2. tank body adopts high quality carbon steel plate produced in WISCO, using a large machine molding, junction of the tank head and body using advanced arc welding process.

3.standard configuration: The water truck installed the sprinkler(front, rear, and side), and the Sprinking length exceed 14 meters, the rear platform with water cannon(range be bigger than 28 meters), installed the CLW Brand water Pump ,with virescence sprinkler gun, the sprinkler gun can rotate 360 degrees, also can be adjusted into mist, range ≥ 15m, vertical suction process 7m.

4.functional use: widely used in sprinkler, spray, cooling, dust removal, flushing dust booties, spray pesticides, motor pump station, etc.

5.optional configuration: medicine wheel, drug pump, tank anti-corrosion rust-proof, multi-directional water joints, electromagnetic valve, pneumatic valve.

Product Picture

ISUZU FVZ 6×4 10000 Liters Water Tank Truck ISUZU FVZ 6×4 10000 Liters Water Tank Truck ISUZU FVZ 6×4 10000 Liters Water Tank Truck ISUZU FVZ 6×4 10000 Liters Water Tank Truck

Product Parameters

Vehicle Name ISUZU FVZ 6×4 10000 Liters Water Tank Truck
Engine &
Engine Model 6HK1-TCH
Engine Brand Qingling ISUZU Diesel Engine
Fuel Type Diesel
Displacement/Power 7790ml/221kw(300HP)
Engine Type 4 stroke, 6-cylinders in line, water cooling
Emission Standard Euro V
Max Torque 980N.m
Driving Type Manual
No of Transmission Gears 6 Forward, 1 Reverse
Chassis Chassis Type QL1250WPFZY
Drive Type 6×4
No. of Axles 3
Cab Seats 3
Max Speed (km/h) 95
Tire 11.00R20 18PR
Tire No.'s 6+1 spare
Axle Load (kg) 7000/18000
Service Brake Type Compressed air brake on rear wheels
Parking Brake Type Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Air Condition Yes
Basic information Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 25000
Curb Weight (kg) 11325
Payload (kg) 13675
Wheelbase(mm) 4650+1300
Front/Rear Suspension (mm) 1320/2360
Appr/Dep Angle (º) 13/12
Overall Dimension (mm) 9630×2500×3300
Tank Capacity 20 cbm
Tank Material 5mm of carbon steel
Anti Wave Board 2 set, equally devided into 3 parts with flow hole
Water Pump Model 80QZ60, with rate of flow 60m³/h
Water Pump Type Centrifugal water pump with self suction function
Valve Ball type valve
Manhole Cover 1 set,fast opening type at top of tank
Fire Hydrant Connector 2 sets
Suction Pipe 2 nos, each 4m length
Spraying Width 15 m
Spraying Range 25 m
Suction Lift 7 m
Loading medium Common water


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