Isuzu FVZ 20000 liters water truck



Isuzu FVZ 20000 liters water truck, this is the highest standard water tank truck from China you can choose, cos Isuzu truck is the famous truck brands in the world many people/ customers like it as the best performance of the engine and whole driving test/ experience, and also the long term ecomonic cost effective and the nearly no broken motor.

As the water tanker, this is also same the highest standard making standard: beautiful appearance, large size, good painting, anti rust inner tank side treatment; best water pump, full water tank truck functions; 2 compartments with easy valve for open/ close.

For this Isuzu FVZ 3 axles chassis, the water tank capacity can be 15000 liters to 18000 liters to 20000 liters; if you want a smaller one like 10000 liters water tank, you can choose the Isuzu FTR series, others smaller you can choose Isuzu 700P, Isuzu 600P, Isuzu 100P...and bigger tanker like 25000 liters tank you can choose Isuzu 4 axles like Isuzu GIGA chassis.

Isuzu FVZ truck chassis model, 300 horse power, Isuzu 6HK1-TCH engine, Euro V emission standard. 3 axles for the total 7+36 tons loading, chassis model QL1250 series.

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