Isuzu 700P washer sweeper


Isuzu 700P washing and sweeping vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

Isuzu 700P washer sweeper
  • The Isuzu washing and sweeping truck uses washing, sweeping, suction, and mixing methods to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic PLC one-key control, and hydraulic dumping and unloading operations to clean the road.
  • The auxiliary engine is specially used to drive the fan and hydraulic system to ensure that it can continue to work during driving and ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.
  • The structure layout of "two sweeping discs in the middle + spray dust reduction + wide suction nozzles in the middle (built-in high pressure spray rods and high pressure spray rods on both sides)" has a better cleaning effect on muddy roads, and the sand and gravel are not there during the cleaning process. Splashing dust, this layout is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and the suction cup, and the vehicle has a good passability during transfer operations.
  • The transmission setting between the auxiliary engine and the fan is equipped with an automatic clutch, which can ensure the automatic separation of the auxiliary engine from the fan when the auxiliary engine starts and stops without load, reduces the impact on the auxiliary engine, and improves the working reliability and service life of the auxiliary engine.
  • The scanner has automatic avoidance protection function and automatic reset function when encountering obstacles. It automatically retracts when encountering obstacles and automatically returns to position when it crosses obstacles.
  • The speed of the sweeping disc can be adjusted according to various cleaning conditions, which can ensure a good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions
  • It adopts advanced and efficient dedicated fan and a fully floating suction nozzle that can be leveled automatically with the road surface, which has good cleaning effect and long service life.

Introduction to performance parameters

Item Main performance parameters
Car type Isuzu
Vehicle model CLW5100TXSQ5 washing and sweeping truck
Chassis model, category, manufacturer QL1100A8LAY
Emission Standards GB17691-2005 Euro V, GB3847-2005



Host Chassis engine model and manufacturer 4HK1-TC51 Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd.
Power (kw) 141
Horsepower (ps) 191
Displacement (ml) 5193
Auxiliary engine Clean engine model and manufacturer B140 Dongfeng Cummins Co., Ltd.
Power (kw) 102
Horsepower (ps) 140
Displacement (ml) 3200
Fuel type No. 0 light diesel (shared diesel tank with chassis)



Dimensions (length X width X height) mm 7430*2290*2750
Wheelbase (mm) 4175
Tires 8.25R20 14PR
Number of tires 7 (including 1 spare tire)
Wheelbase Front wheel (mm) 1680
Rear wheel (mm) 1650
Rated crew 3 people
Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1110/2145
Approach angle 20°
Departure angle 11°
Ground clearance (mm) 320
Rated load (kg) 1500
Curb weight (kg) 8360
Maximum total mass (kg) 10055
Dedicated performance parameters Trash bin volume (m3) 6 (Stainless steel material)
Clean water tank volume (m3) 5 (Stainless steel material)
Sweeping width (mm) 2800-3200
Cleaning speed (km/h) 3-15
Cleaning operation speed (km/h) 15-20
Maximum cleaning capacity (m2/h) 48000
Suction capacity Density (g/cm3) 2.0
Mass (kg) 1.5
Suction particle size (mm) ≥100
Trash bin dump angle ≥45°
Cleaning efficiency ≥96%
Operating noise (db) <88 Comply with GB7258 regulations
Driving performance parameters Drive type 4×2 rear axle drive
Suspension type Leaf spring
Number of leaf springs (front/rear) 8/10+7
Braking type Double circuit pneumatic brake, drum type
Braking distance (full load 30km/h) ≤10m
Maximum speed (km/h) 99
Minimum turning radius (m) 8
Maximum grade ≥30%
Clutch system Single-plate dry diaphragm spring clutch, hydraulically operated
Transmission system Mechanical 5-speed transmission, with synchronizer, manual
Engine fuel consumption Driving (L/100km) Operation (L/h) Work (L/10000m2)
≤12 ≤6 ≤3
Dust suppression system Spray form Low pressure mist
Main components Germany imported high-pressure pump, water filter, pipeline, stainless steel spray frame, high-pressure nozzle, etc.
High pressure pumps Imported from Germany
Installation location Sweep and dust Scan the left and right front
Vacuum dust In the suction cup
Control type Electronic control, one-key operation
Hydraulic system Type Open, electric control centralized operation
Main components Gear pumps, cycloid motors, hydraulic cylinders, solenoid valves, manifold blocks, high-pressure pumps, etc.
Cycloid motor Sanyo
gear pumps Changyuan Machinery
Hydraulic cylinder Huibo hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic cylinder seals Dingji
Hydraulic tubing Guangzhou Tianhe
Solenoid valve group Hypress (Sino-Italian joint venture)
Shockproof pressure gauge German IMT
Return oil filter Sophie Mar
System overflow pressure Mpa 10-12
Hydraulic oil tank volume L ≥60
Electrical system System composition It is composed of chassis vehicle circuit and auxiliary engine electrical part and special working device operation control circuit.
Chassis vehicle system voltage (V) twenty four
Working device system voltage (V) 12
Panel composition of electric control box Auxiliary engine tachometer, auxiliary engine water temperature gauge, oil temperature alarm device, various operation control switches
Control switch Shanghai Schneider (Sino-French joint venture)
Programmable Logic Controller Omron
breaker Hager
Battery model 12V-70A.H (2 pcs in parallel)
Fan system Type Dedicated high pressure centrifugal fan
Brand Luoyang North Slope Fan
Rated working speed r/min 2700
Transmission type Auxiliary engine, clutch, high temperature resistant A belt drive with teeth (4)
Fan belt Zhejiang Sanlux
Automatic clutch Centrifugal type, imported material, two-year warranty, service life up to 20,000 working hours
Air volume (m3/h) 5000 ~ 7800

Isuzu 700P washer sweeper

Cleaning system Type Between the front and rear axles of the chassis, a vertical sweeping pan that can be raised and lowered is arranged at symmetrical positions on both sides of the frame. The rotation of the sweeping pan is driven by a hydraulic motor with adjustable speed.
Main components Sweeping plate bracket, sweeping plate, oil cylinder, oil pipe, connecting rod, adjusting rod, hydraulic motor, etc.
Sweep open diameter mm φ800-900
Sweeping motor speed r/min 140
Scanning quantity 2
Number of brushes for a single sweep plate twenty two
Sweep angle adjustment Front scan Tilt 5°~15° Forward 5°~10°
Back scan Forward 5°~10°, Inward 5°~10°
Nozzle device Type The suction nozzle is suspended between the rear wheels of the chassis vehicle and consists of a suction nozzle, a roller, and a suction tube. The suction nozzle body can follow the movement. The nozzle lifting cylinder controls the double suction wide suction nozzle, and the built-in long row spray rod with high pressure nozzle (nozzle Number 8), the nozzle body and the road follow. The hydraulic drive electric automatically controls the lifting and lowering of the suction nozzle, and the spring floating suspension.
Straw diameter mm φ180
Straw brand Germany NORRES
Wheel bearing Sweden SKF (SKF)
Wear-resistant outer ring of traveling wheel Stellana, Sweden
Rigid part of nozzle in working state

Ground clearance (mm)

Suction nozzle suction pipe wind speed (m/s) 50 ~ 65
Suction nozzle negative pressure (mmH2O) 380
Other configuration alarm system Reversing voice alarm system
Vice operating system The tail is equipped with an electric control operating system to control the lifting of the main cabin and the switch of the rear door to avoid safety accidents caused by users in the cab because they cannot observe the rear conditions.
Hand pump emergency lifting system If the hydraulic system cannot be used due to the failure of the auxiliary engine, the sweeper, the suction cup, and the main box cannot be raised and lowered, and the manual pump emergency lifting system can be used.

Isuzu 700P washer sweeper Isuzu 700P washer sweeper Isuzu 700P washer sweeper

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