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Isuzu 700P road sweeper


Isuzu sweeper front side position in FIG.


Isuzu sweeper rear side orientation map


Isuzu truck Sweeper after positive orientation map

Chassis Configuration:Using Qingling Isuzu original chassis, a single row of white may be turned before the cab attachments 130 horse power Guo five Isuzu diesel engine, 5-speed gearbox, the wheelbase 3360mm, 7.00 steel tires, air brakes, power steering, with factory ABS, air conditioning.

Tops configuration:In scan disk device 4, the rear sucker, Sanyo motor, JMC Isuzu secondary engine, Schneider control switch, solenoid valve Heipp Reith, infinitely variable automatic clutch, centrifugal fan maintenance, stainless steel bins, Polaris electronic water pump, lifting trash l dump, the tail lamp LED arrow, emergency manual pump systems.Optional pediment sprinkle, trash self-cleaning function, reverse image monitor operations, front snow shovel, snow roll.


Isuzu sweeper orientation diagram on the left

Isuzu sweep XII advantage of road vehicles:

1, Isuzu sweepers using Japanese joint venture in Chongqing Isuzu sweeper dedicated chassis converted, Chongqing Isuzu Isuzu products belong to the high-end brand, cab round and full, generous interior design, fashion, Isuzu is a series of benchmark products.
2, using the original sweeper Isuzu diesel engine turbocharged with Chongqing Isuzu art, the actual output of 130 hp, with Isuzu unique energy-saving technology, fuel economy, powerful!
3, Isuzu sweeper Isuzu gearbox using self-developed MSB5 speed manual gearbox, with the clutch booster clutch shift easier!
4, sweeper Isuzu chassis retuned through the center of gravity is more stable, 2.5 tons front axle, 4.8 tons reinforced rear axle, 7.00 steel tire load capacity greater!
5, secondary engine Isuzu sweeper also choose Isuzu series diesel engine, the same engine and chassis plant, post maintenance more convenient.
6, Isuzu sweeper using the sub-engine driven blower operates, with the vehicle engine and a clutch between the secondary fan, when the fan is started and stopped effectively avoid the impact of the sub-engine, the sub-engine protection from damage.
7, sweeper Isuzu solution tank and the bins are made of stainless steel, corrosion preventive treatment inside the box, the box can be prevented from corrosion, extend the service life of the tank.
8, Isuzu sweeper water tank volume 1.5 cubic meters, 4 cubic volume of trash, sustainable work more than four hours!
9, Isuzu sweeper core components are made of high quality imported parts, not only high performance, low failure rate and longer life!
10, the hydraulic line Isuzu sweeper of Germany sealing a pipeline, better sealing.
11, Isuzu sweeper arrow lamp LED tail configuration, effective alert pedestrians and vehicles during operation.
12, Isuzu sweeper further optional according to the needs of the user downfield sprinkling, spraying front, rear manual vacuum tubes, and so on snow shovel front.

Isuzu sweeper FIG positive side orientation

Isuzu use of road sweeping vehicles:

Isuzu sweeper (5.5 side); sweeper (sweeper truck) as one road sweeper sanitation equipment, is a set of road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation as one of the new and efficient cleaning equipment.It can be widely used in trunk roads, municipal and airport pavement, urban residential areas, parks and other road sweeping.Road sweepers can not only clean the garbage, but also for medium air purifying dust on roads, both to ensure the appearance of the road, maintenance of a healthy environment, to maintain a good working condition of the road, there are to reduce and prevent traffic accidents and the occurrence of further extending the life of the road.


Isuzu sweeper rear side orientation map


Isuzu sweeper (5.5 CBM), other related product description:
a, using Isuzu engine, Isuzu 5-speed gearbox (5 down before 1), 7.00-16 nylon tires, standard air conditioning, oil brake, power steering, with radio, cassette, the suction volume of the tank 4 is generally.5 cubic, cubic water tank 1.
b, Qingling 600P uses a series of high-end light truck chassis production, litter bins and tanks total volume of up to 5.5 cubic meters, Qingling Isuzu sweeper cab is spacious and large curvature of mirrors provide a broad perspective.A windshield pillar side window blind and only 7 °, use of the truck seat, the steering wheel soft, metallic coated surface, high-grade quality sound system, fresh and comfortable, long-distance driving driver without fatigue, Qingling Isuzu Sweeper the truck is also equipped with the direction of power and air conditioning equipment.

 Isuzu扫路车车  Model 细节描示

 Isuzu扫路车车  Model 细节描示图













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