Isuzu 6 tons water tank fire truck


Isuzu 6-ton water tank fire truck is a water tank fire truck modified by Qingling company Isuzu FTR series chassis. 3+3 people, the car is a built-in tank structure, the front of the body is an equipment box, the middle is a water tank, and the rear is a pump room. The liquid carrier tank is made of high-quality carbon steel, elastically connected to the chassis, and carries 5860kg of water. It is equipped with a CB10/40 low-pressure fire pump produced by Shanghai Rongshen Fire Equipment Co., Ltd., with a rated flow of 40L/S, and is installed on the roof of Chengdu West. PS40W vehicle fire monitor produced by Fire Machinery Co., Ltd. The biggest feature of the car is the large liquid carrying capacity, good handling and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in public security fire brigade, factories and mines, communities, docks and other places to put out large-scale general material fires.

Vehicle model JDF5153GXFSG60 water tank fire truck Chassis model QL1160VMFRY
engine Isuzu 205hp engine/151KW Emission Standards euro five
Outside dimensions 7925×2505×3450mm wheelbase 4500mm
liquid carrier 6000L Tank size 3210×1420×1350mm
Fire Pump Shanghai Rongshen CB10/40 fire monitor Chengdu West PS40W
Fire pump rated flow 40L/s 1.0MPa Environmental protection/exemption Environmental protection / exemption
Fire monitor rated flow 40L/s 1.0MPa Fire cannon range Water≥65m
Main technical parameters of Jiangte JDF5153GXFSG60 water tank fire truck
product name Isuzu 6 tons water tank fire truck vehicle model JDF5153GXFSG60 water tank fire truck
vehicle model JDF5153GXFSG60 Announcement batch 308
Dimensions (mm) 7925×2505×3450 Tank volume (m3) 5.9
Total mass (kg) 15000 Rated mass (kg) 5900
Curb weight (kg) 8650 Front passenger (person) 3+3
Axle load(kg) 5470/9530 exempt no
Top speed (km/h) 90 fuel no
Fuel consumption (L/100Km) Environmental friendly no
fuel type diesel fuel Emission Standards euro five
other The total volume of the tank is 5.9 cubic meters; the size of the tank: 3210×1420×1350mm; firefighters are calculated at 75kg/person;
Material of side protection and rear lower protection device: Q235, integral structure; rear lower protection device height from the ground: 450mm;
The main special devices are fire pumps and fire monitors.
Jiangte JDF5153GXFSG60 water tank fire truck chassis parameters
Chassis model QL1160VMFRY Chassis brand Isuzu
number of axes 2 Front track(mm) 1960
Wheelbase(mm) 4500 Rear Track(mm) 1855
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications 10.00R20 16PR, 11.00R22.5 16PR
approaching the departure angle 15/17 front suspension rear suspension 1335/1735
Jiangte JDF5153GXFSG60 water tank fire truck engine parameters
engine model engine manufacturer Displacement (ML) Power (ML)
4HK1-TC50 Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd. 5193 151

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