Introduction of refrigerated van truck?


Introduction of refrigerated van truck?

What is a refrigerated van truck?

A refrigerated van truck, also known as a refrigerated truck or a reefer truck, is a specialized vehicle designed to transport temperature-sensitive goods, such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable items. The truck is equipped with a refrigeration unit that helps to maintain the cargo at a consistent temperature during transport.

Refrigerated van trucks are commonly used by industries that require temperature-controlled transportation to ensure that their products remain fresh and safe for consumption. This includes food service, catering, grocery stores, and pharmaceutical companies, among others.

The refrigeration unit of a refrigerated van truck works by removing heat from the cargo compartment and transferring it outside the truck through the refrigerant. This helps to keep the temperature of the cargo within a specified range, which can be adjusted based on the needs of the cargo being transported.

Refrigerated van trucks come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including vans, trailers, and semi-trucks. They are often insulated to minimize heat transfer and ensure that the refrigeration system operates efficiently. Some models may also have additional features, such as temperature monitoring systems, remote temperature control, and backup power sources to prevent cargo spoilage during power outages.

Which truck Brands, models of China Refrigerated van trucks that we can choose?

There are many truck brands and models of refrigerated van trucks in China that you can choose from. Here are some examples:

  1. Foton Aumark BJ1039V5PJV-F1 Refrigerated Truck
  2. Dongfeng D9 4x2 190hp Refrigerated Truck
  3. JAC N-series Refrigerated Truck
  4. Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Refrigerated Truck
  5. FAW J6P 8x4 Refrigerated Truck
  6. JMC Light Truck Refrigerated Truck
  7. Beiben V3ET Refrigerated Truck
  8. CAMC 4x2 Refrigerated Truck
  9. Shacman Delong F3000 Refrigerated Truck
  10. Hino 700 Series Refrigerated Truck
  11. ....

These brands and models offer a range of sizes, load capacities, and cooling systems to meet different transportation requirements for fresh or frozen goods. It's recommended that you carefully consider your specific needs and do some research before selecting a refrigerated van truck.

How is the quality of Chinese refrigerated van trucks?

How to choose the best refrigerated van trucks from China


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