Introduction of Dongfeng Tianjin cleaning and suction truck


Vehicle overview

  Dongfeng Tianjin cleaning sewage suction truck , with a total volume of 13 cubic meters meters. Euro VI discharge , sewage tanks and clean water tanks are allocated according to needs, and water and sewage are interconnected . The whole tank is made of GB 6-8mm thick truck bon steel plate, equipped with powerful sewage suction pump and imported high pressure pump. This vehicle can not only dredge and clean sewers, but also suck sewage tanks and septic tanks. It is a dual purpose vehicle and has high work efficiency. It is a good helper for cleaning municipal pipe networks and river dredging. The truck has a large volume, with a total volume of 13 cubic meters meters. The tank volume can be allocated on demand. It is equipped with an engine specifically to provide power for the sewage suction pump and has strong suction. It is recommended that customers who have special requirements for pollution absorption capacity choose this truck .

  The truck has an exemption announcement (exempt vehicle purchase tax), an environmental protection announcement, complete announcements, no oversize, no overweight, and feel free to go home.

Detailed vehicle configuration:

Vehicle name:

Cleaning the sewage truck


Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd.

Total mass


Tank volume

Total volume of 13 cubic meters meters, allocated on demand



Tank size:

( Length×diameter)(mm): 4700×1900

Chassis model

Dongfeng Tianjin

Vehicle size

9150*2550*3650 (mm)

Number of axes



3950 , 4500, 4700, 5000mm

Number of tires:


Tire specifications

10.00R20 18PR,275/80R22.5 18PR

Fuel oil

Diesel oil

Emission Standards

Euro Six

Configuration introduction

Chassis part:

It adopts the original Dongfeng Tianjin chassis with Euro VI emissions and can be equipped with engines such as Yuchai and Cummins. With a six-speed gearbox. 4700mm wheelbase, equipped with 10.00 steel wire tires or 275/80R22.5 tubeless tires, single-row reversible cab. With ABS, adjustable headlights, air conditioning, electric glass, central lock, etc.

Upper part:

1. The tank body is made of high-quality truck bon steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel Euro Standard, which is formed by advanced rotational molding process at one time, with high strength and corrosion resistance. Tank size (mm): 4700×1900. The tank can be lifted, the back cover can be opened, and the back cover can be opened quickly by adding 600mm. The tank is equipped with anti-wave boards, and the tank top is equipped with protective fences and ladders.

2. The clean water tank and the sewage suction tank are integrated, with a separate compartment, which is lifted together with the sewage suction tank. With fire-fighting water connection port, a ladder is installed in the tank.

3. The sewage suction system is equipped with SK-30 water ring pump, equipped with Weichai 375 horsepower engine to provide power and strong suction.

4. High pressure cleaning adopts 22 MPa 215 flow cleaning pump, which has high pressure and good cleaning and dredging effect. The vehicle is equipped with 10 special-shaped gun heads and 60-meter high-pressure pipe. With automatic hose reel.

The environmental protection exemption for this vehicle is complete and the exemption announcement is complete. No oversize, no overweight.

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