Hydrofluoric acid chemical liquid transport vehicle


Hydrofluoric acid chemical liquid transport vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

Hydrofluoric acid chemical liquid transport vehicle

Detailed introduction:
Chemical liquid truckCommonly known as tank truckChemical truck, Chemical liquid truck, chemical liquid tank truck, chemical liquid tank truck. The material of the tank can be selected from truck bon steel, truck bon steel with plastic lining, stainless steel, plastic tank, aluminum tank, etc. Chemical liquid trucks are widely used to load and unload acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive and dangerous media. Chengli specializes in the production of various chemical liquid transportation semi-trailers. The types are: steel-lined plastic chemical liquid semi-trailer, stainless steel chemical liquid semi-trailer, all-plastic tank chemical liquid semi-trailer, truck bon steel tank chemical liquid semi-trailer, aluminum and aluminum alloy chemical industry Liquid semi-trailer, 20-foot, 30-foot, 40-foot tank container semi-trailer, various chemical storage tanks, ship tanks, and special storage tanks for trains.Hubei ChengliThe production of chemical liquid transportation semi-trailer series has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, good braking effect, high reliability, ergonomic design, high loading quality, stable loading and strong characteristics.

Concentrated sulfuric acid chemical liquid truck

Basic parameters >>
Drive form: Wheelbase: 6730+1310+1310
Body size (length×width×height): 12980×2480×3500 Front suspension/rear suspension: -/2130
Rated load: 31000 Vehicle weight: 9 tons
Maximum speed: 80KM/h
Skeleton parameters >>
Outrigger: 16 tons Tank material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy,
Steel lining plastic
Front axle description: 13 tons Fuhua Bridge Rear axle description: 13 tons Fuhua Bridge
Number of springs: -/8/8/8,-/10/10/10,-/-/-/- Number of tires: 12
Tire specifications: 11.00R20 12PR Front and rear track: 1840/1840/1840
Manufacturer and tank information >>
Vehicle announcement: CLW9403GHY Vehicle type: Chemical liquid truck
Top brand: Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. Vehicle origin: Suizhou, Hubei
Tank material: aluminum and aluminum alloy, transportation medium: xylene, category item number: 3, medium density: 0.88 tons/m3, tank effective volume: 37.58 cubic meters meters, tank body dimensions (long × long axis × short Shaft) (mm): 12600×2460×1650. Use a tractor with a speed limit device. Protective material: Q235 truck bon steel, connection method: the left and right sides and the rear lower part of the protection are welded connection, the rear protective section size (mm): 120×50×5, the rear protective ground height (mm): 530. ABS manufacturer: Hande Inter Euro Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Jiaozuo Boric Control Technology Co., Ltd., ABS model: 4S/3M, G ABS.

Hydrofluoric acid chemical liquid transport vehicle
Hydrofluoric acid chemical liquid transport vehicle
Hydrofluoric acid chemical liquid transport vehicle

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