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Hydraulic bulk feed transporter

Parameter configuration table and picture display of hydraulic bulk feed truck

The main difference between hydraulic bulk feed trucks and electric bulk feed trucks is that one uses hydraulic drive auger and the other is electric auger. The characteristic of hydraulic bulk feed transporter is that in some farms without three-phase electricity ( Pig farm or chicken farm) can directly use the power of the truck itself to complete the unloading, which greatly improves the flexibility of the vehicle.

The special facilities for hydraulic bulk feed trucks are composed of tank assembly, conveying system (horizontal unloading system, vertical unloading system and movable unloading system), hydraulic system (high pressure oil pump is connected to the three outputs of the valve via pipeline and distribution valve) The ends are composed of a corner hydraulic motor, a lifting cylinder, and a silo division mechanism. A movable unloading auger placed on the roof of the truck can rotate and lift freely. During transportation, the spiral tube at the top lies on the top of the tank; Lift up to connect and align the discharge port of the pipe end with the feed gate on the top of the storage tank of the livestock and poultry farm to complete the discharge. Fully automatic operation is realized without manual feeding and discharging. The operation is simple and convenient.

The bulk feed trucks produced by our factory are currently mainly in the form of hydraulic augers and electric augers, and air-unloading augers can also be selected.

Our factory can produce 8-40 cubic meters (5-30 tons of feed trucks). The following is the Dongfeng Tianjin feed truck produced by our factory using hydraulic auger unloading method.

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