Howo light truck LED advertising vehicle


Howo light truck LED advertising vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

Howo light truck LED advertising vehicle

Main technical data of Sinotruk Howo LED advertising vehicle products
product name: Sinotruk Howo LED advertising vehicle Emission Standards: Euro four
Upload parameters
Frequency size: 3840x1760=6.8 cbm meters Dimensions (mm): 5995x2025x2995
Tail screen size (mm): 1440x1280=1.84 cbm meters Cargo box size (mm): 4200x2020x2100
Roller size (mm): 3840x1440=5.53 cbm meters Bar screen on the right: 3840x320=1.23 cbm meters
Configuration instructions
Color screen material: Conventional : P10 full waterproof outdoor HD color screen (waterproof, shockproof, dustproof), optional P8, P6.7, P6 color screen
Monochrome screen material: Single red Power amplifier: Yvette broadcast power amplifier
Computer brand: Huntkey high-equipped industrial computer Audio brand: Wanshengda waterproof sound column
Floor material: Weijing Wooden Floor Interior material: Aluminum checkered plate
Cabinet material: 5CM conforms to steel frame box generator: High-performance silent generator set
Electric control system: Safe and intelligent internal and external network automatic switching Voltage stabilization control system: 220V(Bull)
Electric control safety: Leakage protection system/lightning protection system ventilation system: 2 sets of bus exhaust fan sunroof + 2 sets
Media control system: Gigabit streaming media control system Hydraulic outrigger: Single operation 4 (electrically controlled hydraulic) optional
Screen lifting system: High-precision electronically controlled hydraulic rail ( optional ) Hydraulic stage (mm): 4000 x2000 ( optional )
Vehicle parameters
Total mass: (kg) 4495 Approach/departure angle (°) 20/13
Rated mass: (kg) Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 1160/1475
Curb weight: (kg) 4300 Maximum speed (km/h): 90
Axle load: 1575/2570
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: ZZ1047C3414D145 batch: 253
Number of axes: 2 Fuel type: Diesel oil
Wheelbase (mm): 2600, 2850 Front track (mm): 1345,1385,1415
Number of tires: 6 Rear track (mm): 1240,1340,1280
Tire specifications: 7.00-16LT 8PR, Number of springs: 3/5+3,8/9+6,11/9+7,
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
FAW Faw Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory Jiangsu Sida Power Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Anhui Quanchai Power Co., Ltd. 2540
Manufacturer tips
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HOWO light truck LED publicity vehicle (vehicle model: SGZ5047XXCZZ4), appearance design:
●European style cab, the trend of the development of light trucks, the appearance is majestic and majestic, bold and unrestrained, showing the strong style of the land hegemon;
●Vertical combined crystal headlights and "dragon teeth" shaped heat dissipation grille make the appearance more powerful and handsome;
●The air intake grille adopts "Dragon Teeth" design elements. The tense dragon teeth show the dynamic aesthetics, and the HOWO front face design full of European elements and the "dragon teeth" heat dissipation grille are well integrated. Set off the domineering front face and smooth body lines.
Howo light truck LED advertising vehicle

Chassis and power configuration:
●The wheelbase reaches 3360mm, the whole vehicle adopts a four-cylinder diesel engine with 88 horsepower and a 4-cylinder unit pump, and its emissions reach the latest Euro IV standards. 5-speed manual gearbox, simple and convenient operation, 170mm frame, 2 tons front axle and 3.5 tons rear axle, ensuring good load truck rying capacity. 7.00-16 size tires, so that the vehicle has better passability. Directional assistance and pneumatic braking make the driver's control easier and safer!
Howo light truck LED advertising vehicle

●Special configuration, LED screen is installed on the left side of the cabinet, the screen can be lifted 1.5-1.8 meters (height from the ground), the specific configuration is as follows:
1. The frame structure of the whole vehicle:
1) The entire truck riage adopts steel frame stamping parts; the exterior of the truck riage is arc, and the exterior of the truck body is sprayed with anti-shedding primer.
2) The front and rear panels of the truck riage are equipped with heat-dissipating shutters and exhaust fans; the front wall panels are equipped with rainproof vents;
3) Install lighting, luxury ceiling and skylight on the top of the truck riage
4) The left side of the truck riage is a push-up and open-type waterproof structure. The LED screen is lifted along the slide rail by a hydraulic lifting mechanism; and a safety lock mechanism is provided to prevent the screen from sliding down.
5) The rear door of the truck riage is a flip-up door panel, which is assisted by gas springs, and is equipped with a built-in door lock; telescopic climbing ladder;
6) Install a fixed apron under the truck riage;
7) Four hydraulic outriggers are equipped under the chassis to ensure the stability of the model;
8) The electric control box is installed at the front frame of the truck riage.
9) Air conditioning can be installed in the compartment;
10) Hydraulic stage can be installed;
Howo light truck LED advertising vehicle

2. LED display
1) The screen on the left side of the truck body is a full-color P10 display, the screen can lift about 1.8 meters, with 4 hydraulic outriggers;
2) The upper part of the right side of the truck body is a monochromatic LED strip screen, and the lower part is a roller light box, or a P10 outdoor truck full-color screen is installed.
4) The back door is a scroll screen.
5) LED full color screen, lifespan up to 100,000 hours, brightness up to 7000cd
6) Playback system, vehicle control system
6.1) The computer console is fixed in the truck riage and equipped with a computer (it can also be installed in the cab to realize one-person-one- truck operation);
6.2) A playback system, graphics truck d sending truck d, and receiving truck d are installed in the computer.
6.3) Equipped with four waterproof sound columns and high-power amplifiers.
Howo light truck LED advertising vehicle

3. Ex-factory price of the whole vehicle
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