Howo 8×4 tow crane with heavyweight wrecker


Parameter configuration table and picture display of Howo's 8x4 tow crane with heavy wrecker truck

Howo 8×4 tow crane with heavyweight wrecker
Howo 8×4 tow crane with heavyweight wreckerHowo 8×4 tow crane with heavyweight wrecker

The maximum lifting weight of Howo's 8x4 trailers with heavyweight wrecker : 30 tons

name The main technical parameters
Vehicle model CLW5313TQZZ5 type
Chassis model ZZ1317N4667E1B
Curb quality 31000
Wheelbase (mm) 1800+4600+1350, 2150+4575+1400
Tyre type 315/80R22.5 18PR/315/80R22.5 16PR, 295/80R22.5, 12R22.5, 12.00R20 16PR, 11.00R20, 12.00-20 16PR, 11.00-20
Maximum speed (no-load state) (km/h) 102
Gradeability(%) 30
engine model D10.38-50 ( Euro Ⅴ)
Power (kw/r/min) 276/2000
Torque (n·m/r/min) 1560/1200-1500
Oil/comprehensive fuel consumption (L/100km) Diesel/38
Maximum supporting weight (kg) 43000
Top style PFT50DZ3+PFT28TH+PFT50ZT3
Lifting system Maximum lifting weight (kg) 25000
Maximum lifting weight at full extension (kg) 8300
Maximum effective length of support arm (mm) 3650
Support arm telescopic stroke (mm) 1750
Lifting and loading folding angle (degrees) -7 to 16
Folding angle (degrees) -7 to 92
The maximum distance from the ground of the fully extended bracket fork (mm) 1835
Lifting system Maximum lifting weight (kg) 30000
Lifting capacity when fully retracted lifting angle 30 degrees (kg) 18000
Lifting capacity when fully extended lifting angle 30 degrees (kg) 7800
Basic length of boom (mm) 5880
Telescopic stroke of oil cylinder (mm) 6000
Lifting height (mm) 12300
Maximum operating radius (mm) 10710
Number of boom sections 3
Luffing angle of boom (degrees) 0-60
Rotation angle (degrees) 360 continuous rotation
winch Quantity (only) 2
Each rated traction force (kn) 150
Wire rope specifications 20-6*25Fi+IWR1870
Wire rope diameter (mm) Diameter 20
Wire rope length (m) 50
Minimum line speed of wire rope (m/min) 5
Outrigger Front leg type Down-mounted H-shaped front outrigger
Back leg type L-shaped rear outrigger
Transverse span of front leg (mm) 6600
Lateral span of rear outrigger (mm) 4080
Longitudinal span between front and rear legs (mm) 5550
30 tons or 50 tons with 360-degree rotation, three-section six-sided boom, three-section support arm, imported valve, split truck riage, double-sided linkage operating device, remote control operating device, front bumper with counterweight, rear working light Three, two 15-ton hydraulic winches, 45 meters in diameter and 18mm steel wire rope, equipped with four magnetic steel forks, a set of steel plate lifting lugs, a set of tire holding device, a long row of warning lights, a set of auxiliary lights, auxiliary air pipes One set of assembly and two chains.


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