Howo 8×4 12 wheels fire sprinkler truck


Howo 8x4 12 wheels fire sprinkler trucks are also called Howo water supply fire trucks. The truck is refitted with Sinotruk Howo chassis, equipped with special fire pumps and fire monitors for fire trucks, and the whole vehicle is powerful. It is characterized by a large-capacity water storage tank and a fire-fighting water pump system, which can not only be used for fire fighting, but also can be used as a backup vehicle for water supply at the fire site, especially in arid and water-deficient areas. It also has the function of a general water tank fire truck.

Howo fire sprinkler truck is modified with Sinotruk Howo ZZ1317N4667E1B chassis, flat head single row with sleeping cab, Sinotruk D10.28-50 engine, 280 horsepower, National V emission standard, tank volume 21 cubic meters, maximum 25 cubic meters , Front flushing, rear spraying, side spraying, rear working platform, with green sprinkler; with self-priming and self-draining function, front flushing and rear spraying, side spraying, rear workbench, with high-pressure gun, high-pressure gun water spray can be adjusted Columnar and fog-shaped, equipped with high-power special Hangzhou Weilong sprinkler pump, with fire joints, artesian valve, the tank body is made of 4 mm high-quality carbon steel, with 2 suction pipes of 4 meters long.

Main technical parameters of Howo 8x4 12 wheels fire sprinkler truck:

product name JDF5310GPSZ5 green spraying vehicle
total mass 31000Kg Tank volume 21000-25000L
Rated contained mass 16000 (Kg) Dimensions mm 11965×2500×3800
curb weight 14870(Kg) Cab number 3 (person)
Approach / departure angle 14/12(°) front suspension/rear suspension 1500/2715 (mm)
number of axes 3 Wheelbase(mm) 1800+4600+1350
Axle load(Kg) 6500/7000/17500 top speed 90(Km/h)
【Chassis technical parameters of Howo 8x4 12 wheels fire sprinkler truck】
Chassis model ZZ1317M4667D1B
Fuel type diesel fuel Tire specifications 11.00-20
Front track(mm) 2022/2022 Rear Track(mm) 1830/1830
Emission Standards GB17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005
engine model engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power(Kw)
D10.28-50 China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. 9726 206
Cab Description Flat head all-metal enclosed cab, panoramic curved windshield. Optional new front cover, front bumper, front combination lamps, doors and windows, front cover, optional reinforced large bumper.
Tank Made of high-quality carbon steel material, welded structure, built-in vertical and horizontal anti-sway plates, treated with high-tech anti-corrosion. Stainless steel material is optional.
pump room The rear pump, the left and right sides of the pump room and the left and right sides of the equipment box are equipped with new easy-to-pull high-strength aluminum alloy rolling shutters.
equipment box It is manufactured by the built-in tower connection technology of aluminum alloy profiles produced by the introduction of European technology.
Tank volume 21000-25000L
Fire cannon range Range: ≥60m;
Fire Pump Model CB10/60
Limited Data 60L/s/1.0MPa

Fire Fighting truck testing show:

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