Howo 8 tons water tank fire truck (8 cubic meters)

The HOWO 8 ton water tank fire truck is our company adopts the ZZ5207M4617D5 chassis of Sinotruk HOWO National Fourth Factory, optional D10.28-40 engine, 206KW, 280 horsepower. The total volume of the tank is 8 cubic meters as standard, and the maximum can be 10 cubic meters (not for households). The water pump is an atmospheric pump: CB10/60 vehicle fire pump, and medium and low pressure pumps or other pumps can also be optional; fire monitor model: PS50 Type blister dual-purpose cannon, the maximum range of fire extinguishing capacity is water ≥60m; the rated head is 110~130mf water column, and the water absorption depth is 7 meters. The vehicle is suitable for fighting flammable liquid and general material fires, and is widely used in cities, oil fields, oil depots, airports, docks, grain depots, factories and enterprises.

Howo 8 ton water tank fire truck (8 cubic meters meters) parameter configuration table and picture display

水罐消防车 豪沃消防车 8 tons消防车 国四消防车

Model overview Howo 8 tonsJug fire truckIt is modified by our factory on the basis of China Euro Heavy Duty Truck's original Euro IV Class II chassis ZZ5207M4617D5. The whole vehicle has a compact structure; the special part is composed of liquid tank, pump room, equipment box, power output and transmission system, pipeline system, electrical system, etc. Composition, widely used in urban public security fire brigade, petrochemical industry, factories and mines, forests, ports, docks and other departments. It can quickly approach the fire site to start fire fighting and put out various fires. It is an ideal fire fighting equipment.
This fire truck is our company adopts Sinotruk Howo Euro Fourth Original FactoryZZ5207M4617D5Chassis, optionalD10.28-40engine,206KW,280horsepower. Standard configuration of total tank volume8Cube, the largest can do10Fang (not registered), the water pump is an atmospheric pump:CB10/60Vehicle fire pump, medium and low pressure pump or other pumps are also optional;Fire monitor model:PS50Blister cannon,Fire extinguishing capacity maximum range water≥60m;The rated head is110~130mfWater column, water absorption depth7Meter. The vehicle is suitable for fighting flammable liquid and general material fires, and is widely used in cities, oil fields, oil depots, airports, wharfs, grain depots, factories and enterprises, etc.
Vehicle model Howo water tank fire truck Chassis model ZZ5207M4617D
Quality parameter
Maximum total mass (kg) 19800 Dimensions (mm) 8780×2500×3460
Rated loading mass (kg) 8000 Tank volume (m3) 8.0
Whole vehicle curb weight (kg) 11350 Wheelbase (mm) 4600
Engine parameters Model number D10.28-40 Discharge Euro IV
Power/displacement (kw/ml) 206/9726 Manufacturer China Euro Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd.
Performance parameter Number of passengers (person) 2+4 Maximum speed (Km/h) 100
Cab Flat head double row Fuel type Diesel oil
Leaf spring 10/9+6 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1500/2580
Number of tires 6+1 Tire specifications 12.00-20,12.00R20
Approach angle/departure angle (°) 16/10 Wheelbase (mm) Front bridge 2022
Number of axes 2 Rear bridge 1830
Dedicated function Water tank capacity (L) The tank volume of the truck 's water tank: 8 cubic meters meters
Fire monitor Model: PS50 fire water monitor, flow rate 50L/S/1MPa, water range: ≥60m
Fire Pump 1. Atmospheric fire pump model: CB10/60 vehicle fire pump,
Flow rate: 60L/s, pressure: 1.0MPa
2. Water diversion time ≤35s (7m suction depth) water ring diversion Sandwich type full power power take-off
Cab The cab is an all-steel frame welded structure, the front of the passenger compartment is connected to the cab, with double rows of four doors; the tank body is built-in, the material is high-quality truck bon steel (Q235A), the plate thickness is 4 mm, and the truck bon steel tank has a height Technological anti-corrosion treatment, durable; the equipment compartment door adopts aluminum alloy curtain door, roller and chute guide, easy to open and close, low noise; the equipment compartment on both sides and the rear flap type pedal, adopts dual gas spring and door stop limit device Fixed, reliable safety performance; with ABS brake system, original air conditioning, in addition to the original truck equipment, the cab is equipped with power take-off control indicator lights, 100W alarms, LED warning lights, marker lights, outline light switches and rear Ministry of lighting, etc.; see the attached table for the onboard equipment.
Tank Adopt high-quality truck bon steel material(Q235A), welded structure, with vertical and horizontal anti-oscillation plates, and high-tech anti-corrosion treatment. Optional stainless steel material.
Pump room The middle or rear pump, the left and right sides of the pump room and the equipment box are equipped with new easy-pull high-strength aluminum alloy rolling doors.
Equipment box It is manufactured by adopting the built-in tower connection technology of aluminum alloy profiles produced by the introduction of European technology, and has a full connection structure.Usealuminum alloy rolling shutter doors.
Electrical configuration There is a long row of warning lights at the front of the top of the cab. A 24V, 60W fire field light is equipped behind the body. The top of both sides of the vehicle is equipped with matching red and small flashing lights. Safety signs are installed below. The passenger compartment, equipment box, The pump room is equipped with lighting lamps, 100W alarms, rotating warning light switches, and communication equipment preparation interfaces.

The equipment list of HOWO 8 tons water tank fire truck :

Serial number name specification unit Quantity Remarks
1 straw 2 meters root 4
2 Water filter Pieces 1
3 Two points of water Pieces 1
4 Fire hose 13 type 80 volume 2
5 Fire hose 13 type 65 volume 6
6 Water trap Pieces 1
7 Waist axe Put 1
8 Hose cloth Pieces 4
9 Water belt bridge vice 2
10 Hose hook Pieces 4
11 Ground fire hydrant wrench Pieces 1
12 Underground fire hydrant wrench Pieces 1
13 Suction pipe wrench Pieces 2
14 Dry powder fire extinguisher With 1 3KG
15 Fire bucket only 1
16 DC water gun support 1
17 Multifunctional water gun support 1
18 Fire axe Put 1
19 Fire spade Put 1
20 Iron collar Put 1
twenty one Reducing interface only 1
twenty two Fire pick Put 1
twenty three vehicle tools set 1

 水罐消防车 豪沃消防车 8方消防车

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