How to exhaust air to high-pressure pump for cleaning sewage suction truck


When people use the sewage suction truck to clear the sewer, sometimes they encounter this problem: adjust the high-pressure water flow by turning the manual throttle

When the pressure is high, once the pressure is slightly increased, the water flow is unstable and the high-pressure cleaning pipeline will jitter. The higher the pressure, the jitter

The more serious the phenomenon, the more severe the vehicle will shake. What caused this?

The high-pressure pipeline of the cleaning and suction truck shakes during the dredging process, which is usually caused by air in the high-pressure pump.

There are three main reasons for the air intake of the high-pressure pump:
1. The high-pressure pump lacks water. In the process of cleaning the sewage suction truck, due to negligence, the clean water in the water tank was completely used up, and the pump lacked water and was empty.

Air enters the pump.
2. Actively drain the water in the pump. Or because the weather is cold, to prevent the water in the pump from freezing and damaging the pump, or the vehicle may be long

Time was not used, so the water in the high pressure was drained actively. The water in the pump is drained, and the air naturally enters the pump cavity.
3. The water inlet pipe of the high-pressure pump is damaged or leaking, causing air to enter the pump cavity along with the water flow.

When your multi-functional sewage suction truck has air entering the high-pressure pump, these three situations will occur:
1. The water pressure is unstable. Observe the pressure gauge and you will find that the pointer of the pressure gauge has a large swing range and high frequency.
2. The high-pressure pipeline shakes, and the body of the sewage suction truck will shake when it is serious.
3. The high-pressure cleaning pump makes a knocking sound.
When your multifunctional sewage suction truck has any of these three conditions, you need to doubt whether there is air in the high-pressure pump.

How to troubleshoot?
When the above three situations are found in the multifunctional sewage suction truck, we need to do this:
1. First, stop the operation of the cleaning and suction truck, turn off the high-pressure pump, and turn off the power take-off.
2. Check the water level of the clean water tank. If there is no water in the clean water tank, add water first. If the water level of the clean water tank is normal, check whether the valve connecting the clean water tank to the high-pressure pump is open. If it is not open, open this valve to allow water to enter the high-pressure pump.
3. Check the high-pressure water supply pipeline to see if there are any leaks in the pipelines and connections. If so, plug the leaks.
4. Open the drain valve of the high-pressure pump and observe whether the drain is normal to ensure that the water supply to the high-pressure pump is normal.
5. Take off the cleaning nozzle at the front end of the high-pressure cleaning pipe, and one person holds the high-pressure cleaning pipe firmly and faces a safe and unmanned place. Another person turned on high-pressure cleaning.
6. Pull the manual throttle slowly to gradually increase the high-pressure cleaning pressure. When the cleaning and suction truck shakes, immediately stop increasing the pressure until the cleaning and suction truck runs smoothly and the shaking stops. Then slowly increase the pressure again. Repeat this process until the pressure of the cleaning pump of the cleaning and suction truck is increased to the required pressure.
7. After the air of the high-pressure cleaning pump is exhausted, the pressure returns to a stable and normal state, and your cleaning and suction truck can start working again.

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