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High-end fully enclosed electrical moving road sweeper

High-end fully enclosed electrical road sweeper parameter configuration table and picture display

China electrical road sweeper

【The main technical parameters】
Model 2200DTSL
Dimensions/mm 3750×1480×2000
Total weight/kg 2050
Garbage volume/m3 0.8
Water tank volume/L 250
Minimum turning radius/m 4
Gradeability/% 25
Noise/dB ≤50
Walking speed/km.h-1 0-25
Motor power/V/W 48/4
Battery capacity 280Ah-48V
Sweeping width/mm 2200
Cleaning speed/km. h-1 0-8
Maximum cleaning efficiency/m2.h-1 11000
Maximum cleaning efficiency/ m2.h-1 17,600
Charge time/h 8-10
Use time per charge/h 8
Features 1. It adopts enhanced chassis, safe and comfortable.
2. It adopts high-quality, high-capacity, maintenance-free acid battery and imported electric control, with powerful functions and stable performance, which can meet various use environments.
3. The brushless AC motor is maintenance-free, has a long service life, a wide range of torque and speed changes, and is more efficient.
4. The non-contact potential accelerator has safety functions such as anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-runaway, start delay and reverse deceleration.
5. The large-capacity water tank can reduce dust during cleaning and garbage collection for a long time.
6. High-efficiency multi-layer dust removal filter and auxiliary suction function can effectively avoid secondary dust from the trash bin.
7. The main brush is designed with a rotating speed control function, which can adjust the speed of the sweeping brush to achieve the best cleaning effect according to the road garbage condition.
8. Intensive control components, automotive-grade filter systems and exhaust systems greatly reduce the incidence of failures.
9. Add auxiliary systems such as power steering, truck audio system, reversing video and radar.

China electrical road sweeper electrical road sweeper fully enclosed electrical road sweeper

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