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Heavy truck Steyr 20 tons sprinkler

Heavy truck Steyr 20 tons sprinkler

Steyr ZZ1251N464GE1 using the mid-chassis models, solid and stable, with a white lie can turn the cab before the appearance of domineering mighty, full of a sense of security, interior bright and spacious, well-equipped.80 hp MC07.28-50 model engine, 6870ml emissions, energy saving, powerful, Euro V emission standards.Shaanxi fast small eight-speed gearbox, easy shifting, climbing worry for travel to all kinds of different sections, good safety performance.4350 + 1300mm wheelbase, Q-5 tons front axle, the rear axle 10 tons, bearing capacity.11.00R20 Original steel tire, wear resistance and bearing capacity are strong, longer life.Original with ABS, the direction of power, the clutch booster, air brake braking, equipment, convenient operation.

 Sinotruk 斯太尔后双桥20方洒水车前右面图

Steyr heavy truck 20 tons sprinkler tops configuration: GB Q235 steel tank with plate thickness 5mm, thickness of 6mm head.All seamless steel pipe using color zinc plated corrosion preventive treatment.Do tank anti-corrosion epoxy anti-corrosion effective guarantee of clean transport medium, a preservative effective time limit under normal circumstances up to 18 months.Tank with anti-wave bulkhead to protect the sprinkler running more smoothly in different road.




 Sinotruk 斯太尔后双桥20方洒水车前右面图

Sri Lanka too heavy truck uses 20 tons sprinkler sprinkler pump Hangzhou Veyron.All inlet and outlet installed brass filter, the filter is mounted on the cup opening, truckrying water to ensure clean, without plugging or damage to pipes and pumps.All through the ball valve 304 are made of stainless steel, to prevent leakage and increase the aesthetics.The entire vehicle control system uses a new air control ball valve pneumatic control can be implemented separately control Pediment sprinkle the job in the cab.Vehicle equipped with pressure gauge pipe, the pipe to prevent excessive pressure failure.Stainless steel with a water cannon, rear LED indicator arrow.With low water level alarm, to prevent damage to the pump idling.


 Sinotruk 斯太尔后双桥20方洒水车正侧面图

Heavy truck Steyr sprinkler 20 tons, with Hangzhou Veyron dedicated sprinkler pump power, self-priming from the row, standard pediment, sprinkle, side spray, tail working platform, the platform water cannons and the like, self-priming height 7 m, the maximum width of sprinkler 16 meters, 28 meters maximum range, internet water cannons 360 ° rotation can be adjusted into a straight shape, different states of rain, rain, rain, drizzle, etc., a maximum range of 30 m columnar , mist maximum range of five meters, for road watering, washing, dust, watering gardens, etc., if necessary, can do work such as emergency fire.

 Sinotruk 斯太尔后双桥20方洒水车前正面图

Heavy truck Steyr 20 tons sprinkler leading inter Euro technology, the use of convenient, than similar sprinkler pump pressure, Suction far, long life, easily overcome other debris entangled sprinkler pump, pressure is small, absorbent slow disadvantage; pediment (spray) and sprinkle with side spray, after the tank with the table, platform installation green water spray guns.Spraying water cannons may be full rotation into a continuous tone straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, drizzle; effective tank large physical volume, a long working time, without frequent addition of water, high efficiency; electrical, hydraulic, air centralized control, whole the truck has good man-machine interface, easy operation and flexible, the driver can complete the operation of various movements in the cab, safe, and comfortable; welding tank all adopt CO2 automatic welding protection, welding and reliable quality, good looks cross-sectional shape is elliptical body, manufactured in a plurality of inner chamber structure, each of compartments separated by a separator (swash plate).Rigid connection between the separator and the form of welded can body;.Top of the tank open manhole.Manhole can be both import and export as tank maintenance staff, can also be added as a water hole for filling water into the tank.Do fire sprinkler use when the user optional fire power fire pumps, emergency.


 Sinotruk 斯太尔后双桥20方洒水车后右面图


sprinkler manufacturers to provide information: lorry tools, service manuals, warranty booklet, motor vehicles households invoice, certificate of vehicle five countries.1.Application: sprinkle pediment (spray), with side spray, rear work platform installation green sprinkler pressure gun (gun adjustable spray shape on the platform: straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, drizzle, continuous adjustment, the maximum range of up to 28 meters), with the first Euro quality leader of “Viagra” brand dedicated sprinkler pump power, with a fire connection with gravity valve, with self-priming function, with strainer.


 Sinotruk 斯太尔后双桥20方洒水车后右面图

Heavy truck Steyr 20 tons sprinkler Optional pneumatic valve, so pediment, sprinkle, side spray independent control function, the driver may operate the vehicle.Configurable full-power sprinkler fire pumps, fire sprinkler s can be used for emergency purposes.


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Heavy truck 5 tons sanitation sprinkler mainly suitable for a variety of road washing, trees, green belts, green lawns, roads, factories, mines and construction companies building high-altitude construction rinse.With a sprinkler , pressure dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, now widely used in urban, rural sanitation sprinkler truckeer.


Heavy truck sanitation sprinkler sprinkler can be converted into different tonnage to meet the needs of customers, divided by tonnage: Heavy Duty Truck5 tons sprinkler , Heavy truck trump sprinkler 20 side, HOWO 30 tons sprinkler , sanitation sprinkler 5 tons heavy truck, heavy truck 12 cbm sprinkler , heavy truck 6×4 sprinkler , sprinkler Shaanxi Delong heavy truck, heavy after the truck Steyr 6×4 sprinkler , etc..


Hubei Cheng Li sprinkler Chinese heavy truck manufacturers to provide you with the heavy truck Jinan sprinkler price, sprinkler pictures Daquan heavy truck, heavy truck Jinan Green Leaf sprinkler quotes, heavy truck sprinkler price list, Shandong heavy truck how much money sprinkler , Jinan heavy truck water truck accessories at the same time produce a variety of brands for users to purchase, including Dongfeng sprinkler , sprinkler Foton, the FAW of sprinkler , Jiangling sprinkler , sprinkler Yuejin, JAC sprinkler , sprinkler and other Qingling.


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