Guilin Dayu 10-19 Kindergarten School Bus

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Guilin Dayu 10-19 kindergarten school bus parameter configuration table and picture display

Guilin Dayu 10-19 Kindergarten School BusGuilin Dayu 10-19 Kindergarten School BusGuilin Dayu 10-19 Kindergarten School BusGuilin Dayu 10-19 Kindergarten School Bus

Product number

GL6600XQ 2 type

number of seats

10 seats-19 seats

Dimensions (m)

Length 5.98 Width 2.05 Height 2.65



Chassis model

GL6550DT Guilin Chassis

Fuel type

Diesel oil

engine model


Number of axes


Engine manufacturer

FAW Jiefang Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory

Tire specifications


engine capacity

2.54 liters

Number of tires


Engine horsepower

64 Qianwa

Maximum speed


Engine power

93 horsepower

Total mass (kg)



3.1 meters

Curb weight (kg)


Emission Standards

GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro IV

The standard configuration is as follows:

Power steering, up and down, front and rear adjustable steering wheel, pneumatic brake (service brake); ABS system, gap adjustment arm, 17 (primary school seat) + 1 ( truck e seat) + 1 (driver's seat), fabric student Chair, single-seater 350mm, with armrests, 2+2 layout, all seats with safety belts; 700 roof windows (without ventilation fans), bamboo floor and wear-resistant floor leather; left and right softened guardrails with baffles, left front stop Sun shade, 1 driver fan, manual mirror, side window-up 1/2 push and pull, bottom 1/2 fixed, aluminum alloy split window, reversing monitor; parking sign; driving recorder (with GPS); inside Sight glass, sunshine singing system (including MP3 retractable player); electronically controlled folding passenger door, defroster; rear wall emergency door; automatic fire extinguisher and 1 2kg fire extinguisher, inner Mongolia PVC single-layered panel on the top side, and plastic cover on the side window Board; 2 safety hammers, vehicle-mounted (inside and outside the vehicle) surveillance video system; first aid kit, domestic plain paint, school bus standard paint color and pattern, standard logos and signs.

Remarks: Party A provides the registration procedures such as chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, and motor vehicle invoice.

Unique appearance: The appearance and interior of the whole vehicle are based on the truck toon patterns that children love. The shape is lively and cute, and the appearance design has won a Euro patent. Strictly designed in accordance with the new standard: fully comply with the latest special school bus safety technical requirements GB24407-2012, equipped with radial tubeless tires, automatic fire extinguishing devices, GPS driving recorders, on-board surveillance video systems and other equipment.

Guilin Dayu 10-19 Kindergarten School Bus

Humanized design: the passenger area is 1850mm high and 1960 wide, the minimum distance between the front seat back and the front seat back is ≥550mm ( Euro standard is 500mm), and the seating space is wide; 2+2 seats are optimally arranged, and the whole vehicle The interior is softened to fully truck e for the children's body; the standard sunshine singing system, the door opens and sings when parking, and the sound and light warning reminds attention; the floor guide signs remind students to remember their seats.

Guilin Dayu 10-19 Kindergarten School Bus

Guilin Dayu 10-19 Kindergarten School Bus

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