Futian Foton pilot LED advertising vehicle

Foton Times Linghang LED advertising vehicle adopts Foton Linghang original chassis, and the engine is Quanchai's 95-horsepower National IV engine. 3360MM wheelbase, with warm air, the transmission has five forward gears, one reverse gear, and the flat head can flip the cab.
The screen size is : 3840×1760 = 6.8 square
Monochrome subtitles on the back : 1280×1760=1.84 square.

Foton Forland Pilot LED advertising vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

Futian  Foton  pilot LED advertising vehicle
Foton Forland Linghang LED advertising vehicle adopts Foton Linghang original chassis and the engine is Quanchai’s 95-horsepower Euro IV engine. 3360MM wheelbase, with warm air, the transmission has five forward gears, one reverse gear, and the flat head can flip the cab.
The screen size is : 3840x1760 = 6.8 cbm
Monochrome subtitles on the back : 1280x1760=1.84 cbm
----The main technical parameters
Vehicle name: Foton pilot advertising vehicle Vehicle model: BJ5043XXC-B1
Chassis model: BJ1043VJEA-A
Vehicle size (length, width and height mm) 5995x2025x2990 Car body size (length, width and height mm): 4200x2020x2100
Total weight (kg): 4495 Rated load (kg): 4365
Curb weight (kg): 4365 Required driving license:: c certificate
Fuel type: Diesel oil Maximum speed (km/h): 90
engine model: 95 horsepower Front and rear bridge: 2.2T /4.4T
Wheelbase (mm): 3360 Tires: 700-16
Chassis emission standards: Euro IV emission standards (in strict accordance with the Euro announcement)
【LED screen parameters】
LED full-color display specifications: P10 / P8 / P7 / P6
LED full color screen manufacturer: Zhongshan Strong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Color screen size (length and height mm): 3840×1760
Monochrome size (length and height mm): 1280×1440
LED configuration instructions:
Omar generator: Special ultra-quiet generator for vehicle (8KW) Audio defense: Broadcast power amplifier, 4 waterproof sound columns
Industrial computer: High-end industrial computer Electric control system: Safe and intelligent internal and external power supply automatic switching
Circulating ventilation system: 2 front exhaust fans, 2 ceiling exhaust skylights Media control system: Gigabit LAN Amethyst Player
Body material: 5CM conforms to steel frame box Wood floor material: Weijing Wooden Floor
Interior material: High temperature resistant aluminum pattern plate air conditioning: Optional
LED special performance parameters:
Hydraulic outrigger: 4 electric hydraulic cylinders for single operation (optional) Screen lifting device: High-precision electronically controlled hydraulic rail (optional)
Hydraulic stage device: Electronically controlled hydraulic automatic stage (optional) Roller advertising light box: Tempered glass LDE light source
Roller/bar screen (mm): 3840x1440, 3840x320 External power supply device: Fast external power connector, 30m external power cord
Electronic safety device: Leakage protection system/lightning protection system Average fuel consumption: 15.8L/100km about 13.8 yuan/hour
utilized location: 1. The promotional vehicle can be used for product promotion, brand promotion, audition activities, sales on-site display, sports events, concerts, concerts, etc. On-site display, communication, and interaction with target consumers in areas such as prosperous business-driven business sites, communities, cbm s, parks, etc., with a wide range of publicity, can enable customers to obtain the greatest advertising effect. The composition structure generally consists of five parts. Including large screen system, power supply system, hydraulic system (some without part), operating system, traction system. The power supply generally adopts industrial 220V electricity or its own generator. Spread advantages.
The cost: 2. Save time. The LED display background and big screen used in traditional activities take time to build and disassemble. The advertising vehicle saves the process of building, disassembly and assembly, which reflects the convenience and speed of modern media.
fluidity: 3. Mobile communication is not restricted by geographic location, and can be in-depth and extensively promoted in any target market area required by customers such as streets, alleys, communities, and business districts according to customer needs.
Visual: 4. Good visual effect. Because the current popular LED color screen is used as the output main body, the color is gorgeous, the three-dimensional effect is full, and the visual impact is extremely strong. The unique form itself can easily attract the public's attention.

Modification instructions:

1. One side of the truck body adopts a waterproof and shockproof P10 outdoor full-color LED screen. The screen size is : 3840x1760 = 6.8 cbm meters ; the other side is standard with a combination of a monochrome bar screen and a light box advertisement (color screens on both sides are also optional), There is a scrolling device inside, which can switch between 5 pictures. You can also choose to install a P10 outdoor full-color LED screen with monochrome subtitles on the back : 1280x1760=1.84 cbm .

2. With optional installation, the screen can be lifted up to 1.5 meters along the slide rail (height from the ground) through the hydraulic lifting system , and is equipped with a safety lock valve to control the lifting of the screen. Note: Single-sided lifting, hydraulic outriggers are optional, and the lifting is limited to large advertising vehicles and small advertising vehicles cannot be installed ! A hydraulic stage can also be installed with a stage area of 20~30㎡, realizing small concerts, new product launches, karaoke and other commercial activities

3. The truck body is a 5cm composite steel frame truck body, the outer cold-rolled steel plate and the inner aluminum plate, the wooden floor, and the high-grade wear-resistant floor leather. The apron side is made under the box body with tool cabinet.

4. The back door is a side-opening or upward-turning door panel, and a telescopic ladder is hidden underneath. The back door can be installed with a single-color strip screen or a single red screen on the entire surface.

5. Equipped with ultra-quiet diesel / gasoline generator (power is determined by the size of the screen) and is now also powered by batteries .

6. Computer control data, image transmission and playback, live broadcast, etc.; the computer operating platform is installed in the truck riage,

7. An external power supply is provided with the truck , and 220V city power can be exchanged at any time , saving costs .

8. 1 high-equipped industrial computer , waterproof speakers, broadcast-level power amplifier, console.

9. Equipped with electromechanical integration control, circulating ventilation and cooling system, safe and intelligent internal and external network power distribution switching system, and gigabit streaming media control system.

10. The size of the whole vehicle is not more than 6 meters, and it can be small

Futian  Foton  pilot LED advertising vehicle

Futian  Foton  pilot LED advertising vehicle

Futian  Foton  pilot LED advertising vehicle

Futian  Foton  pilot LED advertising vehicle

Futian  Foton  pilot LED advertising vehicle

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