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Futian Foton Jiatu Sales Truck ( EuroV gasoline)

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Foton Forland Jiatu sales truck (Euro V gasoline)

Foton Foton Jiatu sales trucks use Foton Jiatu original chassis, model BJ1036V5JV5-D1, Liuqi gasoline engine 87 horsepower, and the household tonnage is 0.86 tons. The overall dimensions are 4730×1780×2630 , and the cabin size is 2.5×1.55×1.65. The cabin can be expanded on three sides. This truck is listed in the Euro five emission standard and is on the small .

It can be used for on-site sales, promotion, publicity, distribution, etc. in farmer’s markets, leisure cbm s, pedestrian crossings, stations, docks, campuses, celebrations, stadiums, tourist attractions, etc. By installing ice cream machines and beverages on professional truck s Machines, refrigerators and other food machinery can make ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, drinks, ice porridge, fruit bubbles, coffee, juice, milk tea, ice products, teppanyaki, kebabs, etc. on-site. Several products. It is a new multifunctional micro mobile supermarket.

【The main technical parameters】
product name CLW5030XSHB5 sales truck Product ID ZLPKW4VN017
Total mass (Kg) 2550 Number of cabs 2
Rated load quality (Kg) 860 Dimensions (mm) 4730×1780×2630
Curb weight (Kg) 1560 Cargo compartment size (mm) 2670×1650×1830
Approach / departure angle 39/20 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 605/1055
Number of axes 2 Wheelbase (mm) 3070,3170
【Chassis technical parameters】
Chassis model BJ1036V5JV5-D1 Chassis name Truck Chassis (Class 2)
Brand name Futian manufacturer Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.
Dimensions (mm) 4680,4930×1600×1855 Number of tires 4
Approach / departure angle 39/23 Tire specifications 175R14LT 8PR
Fuel type gasoline Rear track (mm) 1375
Emission Standards GB18352.5-2013 Euro V
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (Kw)
LJ469Q-1AE9 Liuzhou Wuling Liuji Power Co., Ltd. 1249 64

Upload configuration parameters

Standard configuration

The floor is made of anti-corrosion, anti-slip aluminum pattern board, LED lighting, with a 105A battery to supply power to the cabin lighting, and a socket on the left and right front of the cabin, equipped with 1 megaphone, 2 tweeters, and speakers with amplifiers can be used for publicity while walking , The truck body can be unfolded on 3 sides, and the bar counter with shelves turned outwards on both sides. It is equipped with a mains external power interface for convenient use of electric appliances.

Optional configuration

The color of the whole truck is multi-color optional; 220V power supply engine can be installed in the truck to generate electricity; battery and inverter can be installed to power the electrical appliances; Freezers, cold drinks machines, vending machines, cookers, etc. can be customized; FRP is optional Overall shape; optional side flap/rear doors with different structures on the left and right sides; optional LED screen, overhead air conditioner, diversion cover, light box advertisement.



Power supply mode (220V)
  • 外接市电1. External mains
  • 加装电瓶和逆变器2. Install battery and inverter
  • 加装发电机3. Install generator
Optional equipment
Optional equipment

1. The truck go compartment is fully extended on three sides with pneumatic telescopic rods, and the two sides of the body turn outwards with a shelf bar.

2. The body material is truck efully made of inner cold-rolled plate and outer aluminum-plastic plate, and the floor of the truck go box is made of anti-corrosion, non-slip high-quality floor leather.

3. Equipped with speakers, loudspeakers, lockers, lights, etc. required for basic sales.

1. Spotlight射灯

2. 15m external wire15米外接电线

3. Battery电瓶

4. Generator发电机


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