Free rescue and epidemic prevention vehicles


Recently, Wuhan cherry blossoms in full bloom, the outbreak of the haze gradually dispersed, everything is for the better.This is a whole Euro as one common war "plague" of the results, but this is an all walks of life "epidemic exam" of respondents.

Since the new COVID 19 outbreak, the epidemic affects the development of Wuhan in Hubei hearts of people across the Euro .Under epidemic, Wuhan, Hubei medical, transportation, logistics......Each industries are faced with the comprehensive test under extreme conditions.For businesses, this outbreak is undoubtedly a touchstone.In Hubei power to defeat the course of the epidemic, a positive commitment to the automotive market maintenance services brand the way to keep a truck tiger social responsibility, play a maintenance service system and Internet platforms advantage "under the line + Line", we made a series of effective measures to deal with, to hand over a part of high-quality responses.

Free rescue and epidemic prevention vehicles

Wuhan against the clock emergency support

January 23, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, Wuhan "closed city".Meanwhile, the Euro Aids Wuhan action in full swing.Uses tiger keep a truck is also a positive response, social responsibility, to play their own advantages, comprehensive help fight against SARS in Wuhan.

January 27, Wuhan "closed city" on the fourth day, emergency medical supplies.Tiger way of keeping a truck donation 5 million yuan to Wuhan East Lake Red Cross to provide protective equipment, as well as assistance in Wuhan local community health agencies to truck ry out protection work for the epidemic frontline health truck e workers.

Free rescue and epidemic prevention vehicles

Wuhan "closed city" Meanwhile, a large number of vehicle support supplies, medical staff, media reporters and other "retrograde" come from all over the Euro to import the fight against SARS in Hubei camp, only to win this battle for the common epidemic.Medical vehicles, goods vehicles, public service vehicles, media vehicles, Vulcan Mountain Thor Hill Hospital construction vehicles and other prevention-related vehicle running in epidemic prevention line, as soon as possible to overcome the epidemic race against time.

Protection for the prevention and orderly operation of the vehicle, February 1, passers tiger keep a truck up in Wuhan emergency services teams, to play its expertise in the field of truck maintenance services, related to the local epidemic prevention vehicles, provide spare tire replacement, tire repair, battery take the simple emergency maintenance free 24-hour emergency services.After that, the way tiger keep a truck also have set up emergency teams in Xiaogan, Zhengzhou, Xi'an and other cities.

Free rescue and epidemic prevention vehicles

Wuhan rescue team truck ried out since the rescue, rescue the cumulative number of more than 3000 times.Behind this figure is a moving story of a.There are way tiger keep a truck factory shop concerted shops charge Hainan Li Chang to give up vacation plans, drove two days "retrograde" to return to Wuhan to participate in the rescue; there are way tiger keep a truck factory shop Hanchuan store official Cheng-wei truck ry 20 pounds of equipment, cold night walking against the wind 4 km to repair the truck only supplies luck masks as soon as possible; there technician Lee Wing Lei night after cycling 00 kilometers way tiger keep a truck factory store, just to let staff go home early.They are only to make the epidemic earlier in the past.

Free rescue and epidemic prevention vehicles

Rescue teams always keep up with the pace of Wuhan quarantine line, out of the Vulcan Hill Hospital, Raytheon Hill Hospital, Union Hospital, Wuhan Institute of Virology and other places quarantine line, deeds all over the streets of Wuhan.Rescue the truck truck e, community support vehicles, goods vehicles, as well as countless medical vehicles, as well as engineering support vehicle Raytheon Hill Hospital, hospital construction Vulcan Mountain logistical support vehicles and other construction vehicles.

To reduce the risk as much as possible, the way tiger keep a truck for the rescue team members to provide free comprehensive prevention safeguards, including protective clothing, goggles, masks, disinfectant, hand sanitizer and other protection, as well as a cumulative maximum insured amount per person of 2.2 million commercial insurance.Fortunately, the rescue team members without a human infection.

Moment, Wuhan epidemic enters decisive phase.Wuhan recovery just around the corner, to help Wuhan people return to work and resume production employment, February 25, the way to keep a truck tiger officially announced the launch of "Chujiang plan".To provide full line of "no contact" for recruitment services in Wuhan, more than 600 recruitment jobs.

In order to meet the current environment, alleviate the majority of Chu was worried about the recruitment process, "Chujiang plan" to take a series of "no contact" recruitment initiatives: send your resume via online, online video interview, remote apply for entry to achieve "no contact" interview online recruitment system; online learning platform, online tutorials online training system to ensure a smooth landing; through online guidance office, remote office to establish effective coordination mechanism telecommuting system.

Innovations and actively promote the resumption of production complex

Since February 10, epidemic prevention and control work to do around the same time, an orderly economic development, promote enterprise resumed production complex.

Way to keep a truck tiger return to work in accordance with local policy, actively truck ry out work around the factory resumed production complex shop.Combined with customer needs in the epidemic, comprehensive way tiger keep a truck in recent years, overall achievements in the field of standardization of services, genuine security system, etc., for the introduction of the truck free disinfection services, "contactless keep a truck " service, safe new stores 81 standard and on-site to take delivery of truck services, innovations, so that owners keep a truck peace of mind, peace of mind driving.

To reduce the potential risk of transmission of the virus as much as possible, avoid cross-infection, February 10, to launch the truck way tiger keep a truck free disinfection services, lasted a month, nearly 1,300 stores across the Euro to provide the service.

Free rescue and epidemic prevention vehicles

To provide a more secure vehicle maintenance services, February 14, released way tiger keep a truck "contactless keep a truck " service standards for the owners to provide "contactless keep a truck " service.+ Standardization for "contactless keep a truck " electronically to minimize the contact between people.Full realization of online services under a single electron detection, construction at any time to see the live broadcast, a key disinfection, the whole keep a safe distance, so that the owners more peace of mind, rest assured.

Free rescue and epidemic prevention vehicles

To keep a good epidemic prevention and control of the "last kilometer", February 19, the way to keep a truck tiger after the release of "no contact" keep a truck service standards, launched a safe and efficient pick-up service delivery.Provides online booking for the user, door off a series of truck s and other convenient process to achieve full "no contact" keeping a truck safe maintenance services.

For further peace of mind for owners to keep a truck , February 21, passers tiger keep a truck again announced a comprehensive 81 standard screening, to create a "peace of mind the store 'officially launched.When passers-tiger keep a truck factory store all of the Euro 's return to work shall be in strict accordance with the standards reassuring stores, provide vehicle owners covering environmental, product, technicians, service, after-sales service of the five aspects of the peace of mind.

More innovative initiatives have been introduced, not only accurate way tiger keep a truck suddenly hit the face of the epidemic response, and customer-oriented intimate performance, but also the way tiger keep a truck on the hair for many years the advantages of Internet technology, maintenance service system Accumulate force.

Fight the epidemic with the full support of more than 1400 factory shop

With the development of the epidemic, the Euro 's return to work and enterprise business has been seriously affected.As a way to help keep a truck tiger factory store business recovery operation and healthy development, reduce the impact of the epidemic, the way tiger keep a truck go all out to provide the support.Since the end of 2019 so far, the way tiger keep a truck introduced a series of initiatives to help each other with all factory store business, with the outbreak of war.

Free rescue and epidemic prevention vehicles

January 22, released way tiger keep a truck "emergency response measures against the epidemic way tiger keep a truck factory store", and strive to protect the safety and interests of consumers and employees, customers and emergency vehicle maintenance needs.

Meanwhile, with the recent intensive stores nationwide to enter the stage to return to work, some operators difficult, hard materials, epidemic prevention measures are not clear and so gradually highlights.

February 6, passers tiger keep a truck again announced a series of initiatives for the factory store of epidemic prevention and control: In addition to reduction of Euro factory shop management fees, but also taking into account the epidemic is serious areas (such as Wuhan) labor may occur difficult, difficult to recruit people problem in particular the establishment of special recruitment team, give priority to providing supplementary staff.

On the same day, also opened the way tiger keep a truck professional mental health counseling hotline, related to the factory shop staff and employees to provide professional counseling services free.

Free rescue and epidemic prevention vehicles

February 9, released way tiger keep a truck , "auto repair store business guide epidemic prevention", to stores in the automotive industry to resume operations personnel from epidemic prevention management, store management, health and epidemic prevention provide reference Reference.

February 10, factory shop business purposes tiger keep a truck has to provide the Euro affected by the epidemic of "prevention package", the "prevention package" totaling 40,000 masks, more than 2,000 bottles of disinfectant, amounting to over 1.2 million yuan.

To ease the management of liquidity problems that may be encountered factory shop merchants, factory shop help the healthy development of business.February 13, passers-by to join the tiger keep a truck Minsheng Bank launched a special unsecured credit facility for a total amount of goods factory store business amounted to $ 100 million low-interest.Prior to this, the way tiger keep a truck factory shop has been reduction of management fees, amounting to 6 million yuan.Tiger way of keeping a truck , said the future will continue to support the factory store business recovery operation, tide over the crisis.

In this "epidemic exam", the way tiger keep a truck full play to their advantages and actively respond effectively to bear the social responsibility, to produce a high-quality answer.Next, the way tiger keep a truck will continue to closely monitor progress in the fight against the epidemic, and take practical action to actively explore a variety of accurate and effective measures to help Hubei war "plague" a complete victory.

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