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N95 Healthy Thermal Imaging Epidemic Prevention Vehicle

March 29, 2020

Sudden new COVID 19 outbreak that continued turmoil in global financial markets.among them,carIndustry is one of the most severely affected by the epidemic among the plate.The latest data show that in February this year, the national passenger car sales fell nearly 80% year on year.In addition to being cliff-style decline in sales, auto companies also face cuts, restore the arduous task of supply chain.China Automotive Industry will go from here?Chinacar brandHow against the wind, greet the spring in winter?

Ensure chain operation, the line turn online sales

Car brand to achieve the transformation initiative in outbreak

Epidemic overlay the economic downturn, to the automotive industry worldwide overshadowed.Importantly, the automobile industry and engineering machinery manufacturing concern previously, is a global, socialized mass production system.According to Ye Pei said the auto industry is not only supporting enterprises in the country, but also contains a series of overseas parts procurement.Therefore, even if the entire supply chain, no matter how prepared, staff to get together again, as long as the missing link or parts, can not be up and running.During the epidemic, in order to coordinate the resumption of work on the complex downstream production, ensure the functioning of the industrial chain, the major domestic car brand to take exactly what kind of measures?The Government has given support what the?

In addition to production difficulties, major car brands in sales also encountered difficulties.As we all know, during the Spring Festival this year is the low season for car sales, now coupled with the impact of the epidemic can be said to be difficult.In order to cope with the loss of sales during the epidemic, the major domestic car brands actively seeking ways, some brands take the form of a live car dealers, also triggered a wave of “cloud look at cars” movement.In this regard, Ye Pei said the epidemic so that consumer habits and behavior patterns has shifted, the car brand will be below the line activity line of effect is very significant.What online to the back line of the transition, the major car brands to make the kind of effort?The transition to the future development of the automotive industry, we have the kind of influence?

N95 from health and epidemic prevention vehicle to vehicle thermal imaging

See how the car industry, the implementation of “science and technology Contagion”

Chinese saying “maintaining the status quo,” the new COVID 19 epidemic although let auto industry sales model has changed, but the major car firms for high-tech, high-quality still does not change the pursuit.During the response to the outbreak, in order toChangan AutomobileFor the major automotive brands represented proposed “scientific Contagion” strategy, not only for the prevention needs of front-line health care, quickly produced a negative type of ambulance care, and in accordance with existingModelsInnovative micro thermal imaging temperature measurement of moving car, while for retail customers terminal N95 also developed a new type of health car.

From the car to the thermal imaging N95 health and epidemic prevention vehicles, in part, means that after the outbreak, the car for the consumer no longer just a means of transport.Bai Jingming, admits: “The epidemic is actually on people’s health awareness is a powerful impact.”What consumer health needs which will be reflected more in the car?The face of consumer demand to upgrade, how will deal with the major auto companies?

Science and technology to help the auto industry return to work the complex production, energy efficiency for the auto companies Fu.In this “Contagion action” among the different companies, advanced technology industry big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, etc. to fight against the epidemic, the use of high-tech means to overcome the epidemic, epidemic prevention, to overcome the epidemic.

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