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Chengli Group Dongfeng Tianjin Camion à ordures de compression

Dongfeng Tianjin Compression Garbage Truck
东风天锦 compressed garbage truck
Front view of Chengliwei Dongfeng Tianjin compression garbage truck
东风天锦compactor garbage truck
Dongfeng Tianjin Compressed Garbage Truck Picture
程力威牌东风天锦compactor garbage truck
Chengliwei Dongfeng Tianjin Compressed Garbage Truck
camion poubelle
Side view of Chengli Dongfeng Tianjin compression garbage truck
garbage truck
Side view of Chengli Special Automobile Dongfeng Tianjin Compression Garbage Truck
Dongfeng Tianjin rear-mounted compression garbage truck, equipped with Cummins 210 horsepower Euro V engine, Dongfeng six-gear box, 10.00 pneus en acier, empattement 4700mm, la climatisation d'origine, regular Dongfeng GB7258-2017 new standard chassis; upper body uses Q345 high strength manganese Made of steel plate, the volume of the compartment: 14 mètres cubes, peut tenir 35 cubic meters of bulk garbage, large flow hydraulic pump, large flow manual and automatic integrated multi-way reversing valve, programmable PLC electronic control system with wireless remote control operation, double sewage tanks, Two-way compression, with a one-button circulation system when unloading, the driver can complete the unloading work without getting off the car. The rear part is equipped with an optional flip hanging barrel mechanism, an optional pneumatic sealing cover, an optional remote control operation, and an optional oil filter with an alarm.

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