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Foton Yuling small refrigerated truck ( EuroV)

Foton Yuling small refrigerated truck (Euro V) parameter configuration table and picture display

Foton Yuling BJ1030V4JV2-S1 chassis, wheelbase 2370mm, 165/70R13LT vacuum tires, Liuzhou Wuling 61-horsepower gasoline engine, single-row cab, cab passenger capacity 2 people. The vehicle length is 4450mm, the load capacity is 995KG, the upper small License, C1 license can drive.

The refrigerated truck go compartment of the Futian Yuling small refrigerated truck is 2600 in length, 1460 in width, and 1470mm in height. The effective volume of the refrigerated compartment is 5.3 cubic meters. The temperature insulation layer inside and outside of the refrigerated compartment is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The surface is smooth, easy to clean, and the temperature insulation effect is good. The insulation layer is made of polyurethane foamed extruded board, and the insulation effect can reach the Euro A-level standard. The refrigeration unit adopts Huatai refrigerator, the temperature can reach minus 5 degrees to minus 10 degrees, and the cab is equipped with a temperature controller, which can be used in the cab Regulate the temperature in the refrigerator compartment.

Main technical performance parameters of Foton Yuling refrigerated truck :
product name: BJ5030XLC-AA refrigerated truck Dimensions: 4450*1620*2400(mm)
Chassis model: BJ1030V4JV2-S1 Cargo compartment size: 2600*1460*1470(mm)
Total mass: 1884 (kg) Approach/departure angle: 28/28,24/28(°)
Rated quality: 498(kg) Front suspension/rear suspension: 795/1195,895/1195(mm)
Quality of preparation: 1256(kg) Maximum speed: 90(km/h)
engine model Manufacturer Power (kw) Displacement (ml)
LJ465Q-2AE Liuzhou Wuling Liuji Power Co., Ltd. 45 1051
Emission Standards: GB18352.5-2013 Euro V
Number of axes: 2 Front track: 1260(mm)
Wheelbase: 2370 (mm) Rear track: 1260,1340(mm)
Rated passenger 2 people) Vehicle identification code
Fuel type: gasoline Number of springs: -/5,-/6
Axle load: 798/1197 Number of passengers in the cab 2
other: The top of the truck go box is closed and cannot be opened, with OBD. Optional new front wall and front lamps, optional bumper, the front suspension is extended by 100 due to the optional bumper. The vehicle length 4360 corresponds to the front and rear suspension 795/1195, the vehicle length 4460 corresponds to front and rear suspension 895/1195. Vehicle width 1670 corresponds to truck go box width 1460. Vehicle width 1600 corresponds to truck go box width 1390 and 1460. The position of spraying parameters can be changed according to local policies.

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