Foton Yuling 2.6m small refrigerated truck

Foton Yuling's 2.6-meter small refrigerated truck is novel in style, compact in size and large in volume. It is the best among small refrigerated trucks . It is suitable for transporting small, light weight, and needs to be refrigerated and insulated. It is a pharmaceutical company, supermarket, and cold storage. , An ideal transportation tool for food factories and pharmaceutical factories.

Foton Yuling 2.6m small refrigerated truck parameter configuration table and picture display

product name Foton Yuling small refrigerated truck Vehicle price Telephone inquiry Chassis configuration: adopts the special high-strength automobile chassis for Foton small refrigerated trucks , Liuzhou Wuling 61 horsepower gasoline engine, fuel-efficient and durable, 5-speed gearbox, 165R13LT 8PR nylon tires, heaters, air conditioning, radio, cigarette lighter, 110m beam, 3 tons rear Bridge, novel style, compact model
Vehicle model BJ5030XLC-AA Pick up date Cars are sufficient
Chassis model BJ1020V3JV4 Emission Standards Euro five
Vehicle size 4450*1620*2400 Fuel type Diesel oil
Body size 2600*1460*1470 engine model LJ465Q-2AE
61 horsepower
Body volume 5.5 cubic meters Power horsepower 45KW/61 horsepower Car body configuration: The material of the truck body meets the requirements of food transportation hygiene. It is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic inside and outside, 8cm polyurethane foam insulation in the middle, and vacuum pressure for 12 hours. The bottom plate is made of polyurethane insulation board + high-strength shockproof bamboo rubber board + 3mm pattern aluminum plate , Anti-skid and durable, compact structure, firm and reliable, and good thermal insulation. A 10-year LED ceiling light is installed in the middle of the box body, and there is no worry about loading and unloading at night. The rear double door edging and door lock parts are thickened and thickened 304 stainless steel to extend the service life of the body. High-quality steam curing sealing strip is used. Long service life, good sealing performance, easy and convenient opening and closing of doors. A water outlet is installed in the box.
Total mass 2510KG Wheelbase 2370
Rated contained mass 995 Number of passengers 2 people
Curb quality 1385 Tires 165R13LT 8PR
Types of truck ds small truck d (C permit to drive) Fuel bulletin Have
Optional configuration: 1. Color steel plate, glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy and stainless steel can be selected for the general truck go transportation body and bottom plate, and the unit can be equipped with -5 degrees and -15 degrees. 2. The transportation of medical drugs and vaccines can be equipped with 2-8 degrees cooling and heating dual temperature unit, temperature recorder, on-board printing, GPS positioning, floor ventilation slot, and ventilation partitions around the compartment. 3. The meat hanging and meat hook truck ts can be equipped with truck body dragon frame reinforcement, meat hook guide rails, stainless steel meat hooks, ventilation grooves on the bottom plate, ventilation partitions around the truck body, and horizontal loops. 4. The distribution of live fish and live seafood can be pre-buried in oxygen pipelines, oxygen cylinder fixing devices, control switches, etc.
Other remarks: The standard configuration of the refrigeration unit in this compartment is -5 degrees. This truck is mainly used for the transportation of goods within 1.5 tons. The main transport products are: refrigeration, frozen food, beverages, medicines, vaccines, electronic products, etc. , Refrigerated and frozen products. The city shuttle is convenient, flexible and fast, fuel-efficient, low-emissions, and affordable.
Optional configuration 
Outer compartment material: FRP, color steel plate, aluminum alloy, stainless steel Meat hook truck : Top rail slide, stainless steel meat hook
Material in the compartment: FRP, color steel plate, aluminum alloy, stainless steel ventilation system: Ventilation slots on the floor, ventilation partitions around the compartment
Polyurethane insulation thickness: 5CM , 8CM , 10CM , 12CM Logger: Onboard printing, high and low temperature alarm, GPS positioning
Install side opening door: Single side door, double side door Classification of refrigeration / heating units: Non-independent unit, independent unit, integrated machine
Domestic refrigeration unit: Shanghai Songhan, Binggou, Hanxue, K brand and other domestic well-known brands 0~-5°C/-10°~-15°C
Imported refrigeration unit: Inter Euro brands such as American Carrier, Cold King, and South Korea Asiana 0~-5°C/-10°~-15°C
Configuration instructions

Futian Yuling refrigerated trucks are novel in style, small in size, and large in volume. They are the best among small refrigerated trucks. They are suitable for transporting small, light weight and need to be refrigerated and insulated goods. They are used in pharmaceutical companies, supermarkets, cold storage, and food. Ideal transportation tool for factories and pharmaceutical factories. This truck has no direction assist and cab air conditioning.

What are the advantages of our factory producing Futian Yuling refrigerated trucks?
1. The truck body has compact structure, firmness and reliability , and good thermal insulation.
2. The material of the truck body meets the hygiene requirements of food transportation.
3. The rear double door mechanism (door locks, handles, pull rods, hardware hinges, hooks, etc.) adopts inter Euro standard components for vans.
4. High-quality steam curing sealing strip is used around the back door, which has long service life and good sealing performance. It is easy and convenient to open and close the door.

The standard configuration of this truck : the body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic inside and outside, the thickness of polyurethane insulation board is 8 cm, and it is vacuum-clad. The body is wrapped with aluminum alloy profiles. After standard configuration, the double-opening door is equipped. Stainless steel, beautiful, strong and durable, the thickness of the bottom plate is 10CM , the surface of the bottom plate is non-slip patterned aluminum plate, and the refrigerator unit is installed at 0 to -5 degrees.

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