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Foton small water tank fire truck

Foton small water tank fire truck parameter configuration table and picture display

福田水罐消防车(1.5吨 )
Foton water tank fire truck (1.5 tons) is a multi-functional vehicle that integrates fire fighting and sprinkling functions. It is equipped with a special fire pump, fire monitor, and fire power take-off for fire trucks . It has a working platform behind the tank and a fire fighting on the top of the tank. Water cannon with fire interface. The Foton fire sprinkler has the functions of front flushing and rear sprinkling and side spraying. It can be used as a sprinkler to sprinkle the truck for watering operations. In emergency fire fighting, the range and pressure of the fire monitor can reach the same level as that of the fire truck. It is suitable for plant green fire protection and mines. Dust suppression and fire fighting, community fire fighting.

Foton water tank fire truck (1.5 tons) main parameters

Model overview The Foton Furui simple fire truck is modified by our factory with a Foton chassis. The vehicle is beautiful in appearance, powerful in function, and large in tank volume. It is an ideal vehicle for municipal sanitation departments and large industrial and mining enterprises for greening and watering.
Quality parameter
Rated loading quality 1000 Dimensions (mm) 4300×1620×2300
Vehicle curb quality 2355 Body size (mm) /
Maximum total mass 4050 Wheelbase (mm) 2300
Engine parameters model 4D18F Type In-line four-cylinder diesel engine
Power/displacement 40KW/1809ML Manufacturer Anhui Quanchai Power Co., Ltd.
Performance parameter Maximum speed (km/h) 90 Wheelbase (mm) Front bridge 1300
Maximum grade(%) twenty three Rear bridge 1240
Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (L) 9 Overhang length (mm) Front suspension 990
Empty parking gradient (%) 20 Rear suspension 1070
Minimum turning diameter (m) 13 Driving angle (°) Approach angle twenty one
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 180 Departure angle 14
Transmission description A88 mechanical Steering gear description Recirculating ball steering Braking system description Hydraulic brake
Front axle description Fist I-beam 1.5T Rear axle description Stamping welding type 3.5T Tire 6.00-13
Cab description The flat-head all-metal enclosed cab, the driver’s seat can be adjusted front and rear, and the panoramic curved windshield.
Dedicated function Tank volume (L) 1000 Tank size (mm) 1150×1200×1200
Rated speed 1450r/min Flow 60m 3 /h
Self-priming height 7.5m Equipped with a suction pipe. 3 fire hoses
High-pressure gun range: cylindrical ≥25m, fog ≥15m
With self-priming and self-draining function. The upper part of the tank is equipped with a high-pressure gun. The spray of the high-pressure gun can be adjusted into a columnar or mist shape. It is equipped with a high-power special sprinkler pump with a fire-fighting connector, a self-flow valve, and a warning light alarm.

福田水罐消防车(1.5吨 )是集消防和洒水功能于一体的多功能车  Model ,安装了消防车专用消防泵、消防炮、消防取力器,罐体后带工作平台,罐体顶部安装消防水炮,带消防接口。福田消防洒水车具有前冲后洒以及侧喷工功能

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