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Foton Ruiwo 15 tons sprinkler

With the rapid improvement of living, the level of industrial development of China’s auto industry development special emphasis slowly transferred to the production of sprinkler.Foton Ruiwo a set of 15 cbm sprinkler pavement washing, garden irrigation, pesticide spraying, fence flush function in a new sprinkler in urban roads, large factory, troops, gardens and other units clean pavement, sanitary, dust-proof, water water, spraying pesticides play a crucial role.
Today demonstrated in front of us is aFoton Ruiwo 15 tonssprinkler

Foton Ruiwo 15 tons sprinkler sprinkler pump pressure can play water absorption and drainage, pump pond water can be directly inhaled tank body, can also be connected directly from the fire hydrant water city streets, inhaled tank body were watering operation.

Foton will Ruiwo 15 tons sprinkler features are described below:
Assembly dedicated fire sprinkler fire pumps, self-priming, self-discharge function (7 m depth of water absorption), may also be used to fire hydrant water tank.
Downfield: for road (Wash width ≥14 m).
After sprinkling: for road, park sprinkler (sprinkler width ≥14 meters).

Side spray: for roadcbm greenbelt spraying, watering trees park (maximum width ≥4 m).

Foton sprinkler tank truckd production: automatic assembly line can body into the production process: cutting, puzzle automatic welding, spin-forming head, a body roll forming domestic advanced production technology.Multi-tank materials production of high quality truckbon steel plate.

Foton brand 15 tons sprinkler uses a high-performance dedicated sprinkler pump, sprinkler pump performance: 1.Vertical suction 7 m, a width of 14-16 meters sprinkler, a range of 30 meters, 35 meters head, diversion time <5min, flow rate of 90m3 / h.洒水泵图片

Last conclusion: usually should be kept clean sprinkler.After a muddy road, 15 tons sprinkler front and rear wheel hub will board covered with small yellow mud and sand.Required under the high-pressure water into the hub when the plate clean, high-pressure water spray direction toward the direction of the hub plate, so as to effectively remove adhered waste hub plate


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