Foton Omark LED advertising vehicle ( EuroFourth)


Foton Omarco LED advertising vehicle (Euro IV) parameter configuration table and picture display

Foton Omark LED advertising vehicle ( EuroFourth)

Foton Omark LED advertising vehicle ( EuroFourth)

Foton Omark LED advertising vehicle ( EuroFourth)

Foton Omarco led advertising vehicle ( Euro four emission led advertising vehicle ), vehicle announcement: BJ5129XXC-FB type publicity vehicle , is also a led advertising vehicle that meets the Euro four emission standards, using Foton Omarco series chassis BJ5129XXY-FB, The chassis configuration is: 2.05 meters row semi-forward cab, Cummins 170 horsepower, wheelbase 4700mm, 6-speed gearbox, with clutch assist, power steering, air conditioning, 825 tires!
Standard configuration of Foton Omarco 4 LED mobile advertising vehicle :
Full color screen on one side, advertising light box with subtitles on the other side; 5cm composite steel frame box, cold-rolled steel plate and inner aluminum plate, wooden floor, high-grade floor leather; 4 hydraulic legs, high-precision single-side screen lifting, electromechanical integration Control; circulating ventilation and cooling system; safe and intelligent internal and external network power distribution switching system, high-performance silent diesel generator set; computer intelligent 2-7 lamp and picture switching; fully waterproof and bright P10 true color truck LED boutique screen, Gigabit streaming media control system. Accessories: 1 high-profile industrial computer, 2 waterproof speakers, 1 broadcast power amplifier, 1 console, and can also be customized according to your specific requirements. Two-sided LED full-color screen, three-sided LED full-color screen, and a single-sided lifting system , Seamless docking system.
The main technical data of Foton Omarco LED advertising vehicle (Euro IV) products
product name: Fukuda Omar LED advertising promotional vehicles Dimensions (mm): 8730x2370x3940,3990
Vehicle model: Foton BJ5129XXC-FB publicity vehicle Emission Standards: Euro four
Main screen size (mm): 5120 ×2400=12㎡ Tail screen size (mm): 1600×1600=2.56㎡
Total mass: (kg) 11695 Approach/departure angle (°) 23/10
Rated mass: (kg) 800 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 1195/2835
Curb weight: (kg) 10700 Maximum speed (km/h): 99
Standard configuration:
The left side is a full waterproof HD outdoor P10 color screen, and the other side has a single red subtitle screen with 2-7 pairs of light painting switch roller light boxes, 5CM in line with steel frame box, cold rolled steel plate outside, aluminum checkered plate inside, waterproof plastic wood floor, Integrated intelligent mechatronics control system, circulating ventilation and cooling system, safe and intelligent automatic switching system between internal and external networks, high-performance silent generator set, Gigabit streaming media control system, one industrial computer, one broadcast-level power amplifier, one console Taiwan, 4 high-performance speakers.
Optional configuration
Optional high-precision screen hydraulic lifting track, and 4 hydraulic outriggers, optional double-sided or three-sided full-color screen , select manual or automatic stage device.
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: BJ5129XXY-FB batch: 256
Number of axes: 2 Fuel type: Diesel oil
Wheelbase (mm): 4700 Front track (mm): 1710, 1830
Rated passenger: 3 (including driver) Rear track (mm): 1680,1800
Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 8/10+10
Tire specifications: 8.25-20 16PR, 8.25R20 16PR, 9.00-20 14PR, 9.00R20 14PR
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
ISF3.8s4168 Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. 3760 125
Emission Standards: GB17691-2005 Euro IV, GB3847-2005
Other information
The top of the truck go compartment is closed and cannot be opened. Equipped with 8.25-20 16PR, 8.25R20 16PR tires corresponding to an overall dimension height of 3940mm, equipped with 9.00-20 14PR, 9.00R20 14PR tires corresponding to an overall dimension height of 3990mm. Optional air deflector. The body parts replace the side protection and rear protection, and the material is Q235A. The ground clearance of the rear protection is 400mm.
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Foton Omark LED advertising vehicle modification configuration:
1. One side of the truck body adopts PH10 full-color outdoor screen with a screen area of 11.6 cbm meters.
2. The rear full-color screen is a PH10 full-color outdoor screen with a screen area of 2.56 cbm meters
3. The hydraulic lifting system can lift the screen up to 1.5 meters along the slide rail on one side of the full-color screen;
4. The vehicle control system, playback system, and power generation equipment are equipped in the compartment;
5. There is a console and computer in the truck ;
6. Equipped with Cape 16kw diesel ultra-quiet generator;
7. Equipped with a high-power amplifier and four waterproof sound columns;
8. The lifting of the side screen of the truck riage adopts electronic control hydraulic operation, two double-acting telescopic cylinders, and the system is installed under the truck riage;
The purpose of Foton Omark advertising vehicle :

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd specializes in launching a new Foton Omarco advertising vehicle that is not restricted by region, and can travel to every corner of the town. Its influence is deep, its scope is wide, and its audience is large, regardless of time or route. Restricted, portable advertising can deliver information to the general public anytime and anywhere, unmatched by other advertising. Generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, audition activities, sales on-site display, sports events, concerts, concerts, etc. It can truck ry out on-site display, communication, and interaction, with a wide range of publicity, and can effectively obtain the largest advertising effect.

The scope of application of Foton Omark advertising vehicle:

Press releases: press conferences, product releases, channel investment conferences, press conferences, etc.

Activity road show: promotional activities, public relations activities, product promotion, brand promotion, talent show, sales show, etc.

Live broadcast: live sports, major events, concerts, concerts, etc.

Parade display: product building parade promotion, exhibitions, expositions, exhibitions, etc.

Forum lectures: forums, conferences, lectures, etc.

Celebration ceremony: real estate opening, anniversary celebration, opening celebration, festival celebration, ribbon cutting ceremony, award ceremony, etc.

Other applications: wedding live broadcasts, auctions, etc.

Special functions of Foton Omark advertising vehicle:

Foton Omark advertising vehicle combines the advantages of outdoor light box advertising and body advertising. There are also LED displays on the sides and rear of the compartment. It uses its own mobility characteristics and is supplemented by the truck go function of a fully enclosed rear box. , Good for truck go. It is a new weapon for government functional departments, enterprises, and the advertising industry to enhance their image and promote product advantages. Compared with traditional media, the advertising vehicle reduces the complicated production process and cost. Moreover, the content can be updated according to customer needs. The mobility of advertising vehicles and the timeliness of information make up for the shortcomings of traditional media, making it easier to approach and capture target consumer groups.

The Foton Omak advertising vehicle has a live broadcast function to broadcast the event. It can be wired or wireless. It can be equipped with a front-end video processing system. It has 8 channels and can switch pictures at will. Can accept TV signals. The advertising vehicle has a lifting function, which can raise nearly 2m, and a 16KW generator can meet the electricity demand of the entire LED advertising vehicle . It can build a stage of nearly 20 cbm meters and can be combined into a T-shaped platform.

The canvas of the Foton Omak advertising vehicle light box can be replaced at will. Two beam shafts are set up and down on the light box. Just fix the two ends of the canvas on the beam shaft. One person can complete the operation in 15 minutes. After the canvas is installed, the remote control can be used to easily adjust the conversion of the canvas and adjust the height of the canvas. The remote control can also be controlled in the cockpit according to the situation, and the time can be set according to the length of the canvas. In addition, supplemented by graphic form of publicity, the propaganda vehicle is equipped with a special advertising broadcasting system, which is composed of a special CD player and two external tweeters. It is combined with the canvas display for product interpretation to achieve the integration of "audio and picture". It is a mobile advertising and The combination of broadcasting ensures the effect of advertising.

The Foton Omak advertising vehicle is equipped with a light control system, which can adjust the brightness of the screen according to the outdoor light to prevent the eyes from being hurt by too high or low brightness. It is suitable for live broadcasting platforms outside concerts, large-scale evening parties and large-scale stadiums. For example, it can broadcast football matches to audiences outside the stadium, as a parade truck , a real estate opening parade, and as a display platform or advertising platform.

Foton Omark advertising vehicle6Big advantages:

1. Fully automatic high-definition picture scrolling system

Foton Omarco advertising vehicle is equipped with a screen scrolling device that has obtained Euro patent technology. It can be equipped with multiple advertising screens and has advanced functions such as automatic, adjustable screen stop time and automatic screen conversion. It can be easily controlled with a dedicated controller, and the cycle and screen pause time can be set as required.

2. High-decibel advertising broadcasting system

Foton Omark advertising vehicle is equipped with a special advertising broadcasting system, composed of a special CD player and two external tweeters. Users can add background music or advertising words according to the published advertising screens, and scroll them simultaneously with the screens, which further enhances the attention of the advertisements and improves the effect of advertising.

3. HD LED monochrome display

The Foton Omak advertising vehicle is equipped with a high-definition LED monochrome display with a length of 1 meter and a height of 0.15 meters, which can display textual advertising information along with the vehicle, while complementing the advantages of the screen and broadcasting. Enhance the point of contact between the advertisement and the information of the target population, and further improve the publicity effect of the advertisement.

4. All-weather and all-round targeting of target customers

Or walking through the prosperous city and lively market town, whether it is a sunny day or a starry night, Foton Omark advertising vehicles can effectively attract the attention of target customers and efficiently convey the advertising information of advertisers.

5. Large storage and freight space

The Foton Omak advertising vehicle is equipped with a fully enclosed rear truck go box, which is suitable for both advertising and loading.

6. Low purchase cost and high arrival efficiency

Compared with traditional media, Foton Omark advertising vehicles reduce the complicated production process and cost. Moreover, the content can be updated according to customer needs. The mobility of advertising vehicles and the timeliness of information make up for the shortcomings of traditional media, making it easier to approach and capture target consumer groups.

The performance characteristics of Foton Omark advertising vehicle:

1. Save time: The LED display background and big screen used in traditional activities take time to build and disassemble. The advertising vehicle saves the process of building, disassembly and assembly, which reflects the convenience and speed of modern media.

2. Mobile communication: It is not restricted by geographical location, and can be in-depth and extensively promoted in any target market area required by customers such as streets, alleys, communities, and commercial areas according to customer needs.

3. Good visual effect: As the current popular LED color screen is used as the output main body, the color is gorgeous, the three-dimensional effect is full, and the visual impact is extremely strong. The unique form itself can easily attract the public's attention.

4. Quantity advantage: Compared with traditional media, it can only accept one or a few customers, while the media truck can accept multiple or even dozens of customers.

5. Cost advantage: Information is released quickly and quickly. Compared with traditional media, the process and cost of complicated copying are reduced, and the content can be updated according to customer needs.

6. Investment advantage: The media truck uses mid-screen LEDs, and the operating cost is much lower than the wall-sized LED screen.

7. Innovative advantages: The work of professional designers has a unique appearance and can become a beautiful landscape for urban development and construction.

8. Advertising advantage: Compared with traditional media, the media truck combines movement and static, and is close to the audience, with strong visual impact and the best advertising effect.

9. Functional advantages: The media truck can accept video signals and TV signals, and can be used as a platform for outdoor live broadcasts and live broadcasts.

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