Foton Omark Bulk Feed Transporter

Foton Omarco bulk feed truck has a feed tank volume of 20 cubic meters, which can be divided into multiple bins for loading and unloading a variety of different feeds. There are 3 standard bins to improve the strength of the tank, and the delivery method can be selected according to the actual situation of the user .

Foton Omak Bulk Feed Transporter Parameter Configuration Table and Picture Display

Foton Omark Bulk Feed Transporter

Foton Omarco bulk feed transporter has a feed tank volume of 20 cubic meters meters, the chassis adopts Foton Omarco 2200 row semi-forward cab, Euro Si Kang machine 170 horsepower engine, model: ISF3.8s4R168, 4*2 drive, wheelbase : 5200mm, 6-speed gearbox, 9.00R20 steel wire tires, power steering, with air conditioning, clutch assist, multi-directional rearview mirror, maintenance-free battery, ABS, driving recorder, vehicle model: CLW5160ZSBLB4 bulk feed transporter , chassis model : BJ1169VKPEK-F2.

Corporate trademark

Cheng Liwei

product name

Foton Omark 12 tons

Emission Standards

( Euro IV) Diesel

Vehicle model


Chassis model


engine capacity


engine model

Cumming ISF3.8s4R168

Engine power

125KW 170 horsepower

Total mass (KG)


Wheelbase (mm)



6 gears

Rated mass (KG)


Number of tires

Front 2 rear 4

Tire specifications

9.00-20 16PR nylon tire

Curb weight (KG)


Vehicle size (mm)


Maximum speed


Announcement date



Tank volume

20 cubic meters

Unloading speed

500-600 kg/min

Vehicle unloading time

18 minutes

Maximum elevation angle of discharge

70 degrees

Horizontal conveying distance

6.5 meters

Unloading rotation angle

180 degrees on one side

Vertical conveying distance

8.3 meters

Tank compartment

The standard configuration is divided into three warehouses, and 3 different feeds can be loaded at the same time

Modification configuration: The tank body is made of special volume plates of Wuhan Iron and Steel, which can be 20-22 cubic meters meters according to user requirements. It can be divided into multiple bins for loading and unloading a variety of different feeds. There are 3 standard bins to improve the strength of the tank. Choose the conveying method according to the actual situation of the user. According to the actual situation of the user, electric screw auger type (three-phase electric supporting place) or hydraulic screw auger type (no three-phase electric place) can be selected.

The feed tank of the hydraulic bulk feed transporter is erected on the chassis of the truck. The special facilities consist of a tank assembly, a conveying system (horizontal unloading system, vertical unloading system and movable unloading system), hydraulic system (high-pressure oil pump through pipe The three output ends of the valve connected with the distribution valve are the angle hydraulic motor, the lifting cylinder, the horizontal discharge, the vertical discharge, and the movable discharge hydraulic motor connected in series), the electric system, and the pneumatic sub-bin mechanism. There is a gate at the bottom of the tank, and a horizontal screw conveyor (commonly known as horizontal stirring cage) is installed under the gate. The power take-off is driven by the output power of the automobile gearbox, and then the high-pressure oil pump is driven to drive the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic motor passes through the transmission device. Drive the blade shaft and blades of the horizontal screw conveyor to rotate, and output the feed through the movable conveying system (commonly known as the movable stirring cage). A movable unloading auger on the roof of the truck can rotate and lift freely. During transportation, the spiral tube at the top lies on the top of the tank; when unloading, it is lifted so that the discharge port at the end of the tube can be stored in the livestock farm. The feed door on the top of the tank is connected and aligned to complete the unloading.

The electric auger bulk feed transporter is a new product that is newly developed for different customer groups and meets the low-end market. The truck can be equipped with an on-board generator. The electric auger uses three-phase 380V of mains electricity for power supply. The unloading method adopts mechanical spiral, the unloading speed is fast, and it can be operated continuously, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

The electric auger-type bulk feed truck is a new product newly developed for different customer groups to meet the low-end market. The electric auger is connected to a three-phase 380V for power supply. The truck is highly cost-effective and is favored by customers. It adopts a mechanical screw unloading method, which has a fast unloading speed and continuous operation, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Optional 1: The original truck engine generates electricity, (easy to use, no external power supply required)
Optional: remote control system, complete individual operation

Reminder:1. The density of various feeds is different, and the tonnage of loading and unloading is different. The total volume of the tank is 20 cubic meters meters,
When the feed density is 0.55, 0.6, 0.7, the load capacity is 11T, 12T, 14T.
2. It adopts special chassis for bulk feed transport vehicle, which is suitable for long-distance transportation and large feed factories.
3. The speed of different feed conveying methods is different, please choose according to the actual place. Electric or hydraulic.
4. Production date: 10 working days.

Foton Omark Bulk Feed Transporter

Foton Omark Bulk Feed Transporter

Foton Omark Bulk Feed Transporter

Foton Omark Bulk Feed Transporter

Foton Omark Bulk Feed Transporter

Foton Omark Bulk Feed Transporter

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