Foton Kangrui KI dual-fuel refrigerated truck (for oil and gas)


Foton Kangrui KI dual-fuel refrigerated truck (for oil and gas) parameter configuration table and picture display

Foton Kangrui KI dual-fuel refrigerated truck (for oil and gas)
Foton Kangrui KI dual-fuel refrigerated truck , modified with Kangrui KI chassis, European-style cab, streamlined, beautiful and fashionable, vehicle model: BJ5036XLC-KI, body size: 3500*1560*1680, adopts Beijing Foton Environmental Power Co., Ltd. The oil-gas dual-fuel engine produced by the company, the engine model is BJ486EQV4, 95KW, with low fuel consumption and cost saving. The body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic inside and outside, and the middle is a 6 cm thick polyurethane insulation board. It is equipped with a high-performance refrigeration unit. The temperature inside the cabin is up to 2 to 8 degrees. Other standard equipment, provide the vehicle certificate and the invoice.

Foton Kangrui K1 dual-fuel (oil and gas dual-use) refrigerated truck

【The main technical parameters】
Product trademark Futian Announcement batch 277
product name BJ5036XLC-K1 refrigerated truck Product ID ZLHSW4YL03J
Total mass (Kg) 3495 Tank volume (m3)
Rated load quality (Kg) 1175 Dimensions (mm) 5650×1765×2760
Curb weight (Kg) 2190 Cargo compartment size (mm) 3500×1560×1680
Rated passengers (person) Total mass of semi-trailer (Kg)
The number of passengers in the cab (person) 2 Load quality utilization factor 0.59
Approach angle/departure angle (°) 18/22 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1185/1465
Number of axes 2 Wheelbase (mm) 3000,2800
Axle load (Kg) 1365/2130 Maximum speed (Km/h) 90
other The top of the truck go compartment is closed and cannot be opened. The new front wall is optional, and the truck go compartment without side opening is optional.
【Chassis technical parameters】
Chassis model BJ1036V4JV5-K1 Chassis name Truck Chassis (Class 2)
Brand name Futian manufacturer Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.
Dimensions (mm) 5490,5210×1715,1750,1690,1790×2010,2090 Number of tires 6
Approach angle/departure angle (°) 18/22 Tire specifications 185R15 6PR,6.00-15
Number of leaf spring 3/5, 4/7, 3/5+3, 3/5+1 Front track (mm) 1385,1505
Fuel type Gasoline, NG Rear track (mm) 1280,1340,1380
Emission Standards GB18352.3-2005 Euro IV
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (Kw)
BJ486EQV4 Beijing Futian Environmental Power Co., Ltd. 1998 95

Foton Kangrui KI dual-fuel refrigerated truck (for oil and gas)

Foton Kangrui KI dual-fuel refrigerated truck (for oil and gas)
Foton Kangrui KI dual-fuel refrigerated truck (for oil and gas)

Advantages of Foton Kangrui K1 oil and gas dual-purpose refrigerated truck:

1. Advantages: dual-purpose oil and gas, hybrid power, lower freight cost, rear two wheels, to meet more truck rying capacity.

2. The internal size is 3500*1560*1680 (mm), and the actual volume of the box is 9.2 cbm meters. The effective volume is 8.6 cubic meters meters (excluding the volume of the refrigerator).

The model is small and easy to pass

Small refrigerated trucks have good mobility, especially after the rise of fresh food e-commerce, it is convenient for urban distribution to enter and exit the street. Take the Futian Yuling small refrigerated truck as an example. The overall width of the Yuling refrigerated truck is 1600, while the general vehicle is 1700 -1900, for crowded streets, there is no doubt that this model is perfect.

Cheap and easy to accept

Small refrigerated trucks are affordable and easily accepted by small businesses or individuals. Taking a pharmaceutical company as an example, the main purpose of buying refrigerated trucks is to pass GSP certification, and the utilization rate of refrigerated trucks is not very high, so small refrigerated trucks will naturally become the best because of their affordable prices. For units or individuals who are just starting out or entering the cold chain industry, the flow of funds is the most important factor, and long-term development is the second factor. Therefore, generally speaking, small refrigerated trucks are purchased first, and after the company develops steadily Will gradually buy medium or large refrigerated trucks .

small license, easy to pass

Refrigerated trucks on a small small , not the current, C truck d can be opened during the day and are free to appear in a second-tier cities, free to enter the city. Small refrigerated trucks are suitable for short-distance distribution and intra-city distribution!

Easy to repair and low cost

Small refrigerated vehicles have good engine performance. Compared with medium and large refrigerated vehicles, small refrigerated vehicles generally use gasoline engines. It is easier to start in winter. The general engine warranty is 30,000 kilometers or one year, while the Changan engine warranty is 100,000 kilometers. For example, for Futian or Dongfeng chassis, the after-sales service is basically one year or 30,000 kilometers. The first arrival in the year is calculated by time, and the distance of 30,000 kilometers is calculated by kilometers.

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