Foton Forland 2000 liters Sprinkler


Foton Forland 2000 liters Sprinkler Truck Chassis Configuration

It adopts Foton forland chassis, Quanchai 68 horsepower engine, 5-speed gearbox, 1 ton front axle, 2.5 ton rear axle, wheelbase 2300mm, 6.00-13 tires, direction assist, and auto brake.

Foton Forland 2000 liters water truck Picture

Foton Forland 2000 liters Sprinkler

Foton Forland 2000 liters Sprinkler

Foton Forland 2000 liters Sprinkler

Foton Forland 2000 liters water truck Top Configuration:

1. Tank body:

It is made of high-quality carbon steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel, and the tank has a built-in anti-sway plate to avoid poor braking effect and poor steering due to liquid collision under full load. Tank manufacturing process: The tank is made by a 9.5-meter large plate rolling machine for one-time forming, which has higher strength. After the tank is formed, the high-pressure gas leak test is performed, the strength is high, the center of gravity is stable, and the vehicle is transported smoothly. The front and rear heads of the tank body are cut by a plasma numerical control cutting machine, and then they are formed by spinning by an imitating edge machine to increase the strength; manual knocking is not allowed: the tank body is automatically welded by gas shielded welding at the welding tooling station To ensure the originality of the quality of the tank welding seam. The length of the tank body is welded by a one-time forming integral longitudinal beam to ensure the strength of the tank body. The tank body shall be processed by the overall shot blasting process to eliminate the stress of the welding seam and the overall rust removal.

2. Pumping and drainage system:

The high-power sprinkler pump of a well-known domestic brand is selected, and the warranty period is one year. The sprinkler pump has the function of water absorption and pressurized drainage. It can directly suck water from the pond into the tank or directly connect to the fire hydrant on the city street to inject water. The power take-off part uses the gearbox side power take-off, and the valve uses aluminum alloy and stainless steel ball valves. The pipe network is made of high-quality galvanized pipes.

3. Flush before:

There are two direct current nozzles, and the washing width can reach 14 meters or more. In addition to washing the road, when the head is adjusted to about 45°, the tall trees on both sides of the road can be washed.

4. After spraying:

Equipped with two post-spraying sprinklers, which can clean the road surface and suppress dust. When spraying in a fan shape, the sprinkling width can reach more than 10 meters.

5. High jetting:

Equipped with a greening high-pressure water cannon, the rear of the sprinkler is equipped with a rear working platform, and the greening sprinkler cannon is installed on the platform (can be rotated 360°, can be adjusted into a cylindrical shape, the maximum range is 32 meters, and can also be adjusted into a fog shape (maximum range is 14 meters) , Can be adjusted to: direct heavy rain, moderate rain, light rain, drizzle), mainly used for landscaping, and can be used for fire fighting in emergency situations.

6. Side spray:

There are two side spray nozzles at the rear of the car, which are mainly used for spraying, watering, and dust removal on the green belt, and can also spray the pedestrian passage of the green separation belt.

7. Equipment:

One each for front jet, side sprinkler, platform anti-aircraft gun, artesian valve and fire-fighting joint, 2 pumping pipes, and 2 showers.

Foton Forland 2000 liters water truck configuration

Tank thickness: It is pressed by the national standard 4.0 carbon steel plate, straight body welded, the tank mouth is closed by a pressure valve, the head opening is left with a communicating device (the internal water level can be observed), and a 1.5-meter partition in the tank body has a barrier Wave anti-oscillation effect.

Tank shape: Divided into oval tank, round tank and square circular tank.

Tank body technology: The tank body production process is divided into: blanking, splicing automatic welding, head spinning forming, tank body one-time roll forming and other domestic advanced production processes. The tank body material is made of high-quality carbon steel plate!

Piping system: consists of "pipes, valves, filtering devices, water outlets (front flushing and then spraying, side spraying; high-position side showers; rear working platform with green sprinklers).

Sprinkler pump: Equipped with high-power special sprinkler pump, the product quality is mature and reliable, the design is advanced and reasonable, and it is convenient and quick to use. Compared with similar sprinkler pumps, it has higher pressure, longer suction range and longer service life. It overcomes other sprinkler pumps that are easily entangled and pressured by debris. The shortcomings of small and slow water absorption.

Operating system: The gearbox is driven by the engine, and the power take-off installed on the gearbox drives the sprinkler pump. The sprinkler pump generates power and sprays the liquid inside the tank through the pipe network.

Scope of application: Mainly used for washing roads in large, medium and small cities, trees, green belts, lawn greening, roads, factory and mining enterprise construction, and high-altitude buildings washing. It has the functions of water spraying, dust pressing, high and low spraying, pesticide spraying, and guardrail washing. It also has the functions of water transportation, drainage, and emergency fire fighting.

Working range: Self-priming height: ≤7m, sprinkler width: ≥14m, maximum range: ≥28m; can be adjusted into a column, with a range of ≥28m; can also be adjusted into a mist, with a range of ≥15m. The head is 90 meters, the water diversion time is <5min, and the flow is 90m3/h.

Function description: The front of the sprinkler is equipped with a duck-shaped nozzle or a round nozzle, and the rear is equipped with a cylindrical sprinkler nozzle or a shower nozzle. There is a working platform at the rear and a water cannon. With fire-fighting connector, self-flow valve, self-priming function, optional 20-meter green fire-fighting reel.

Optional configuration: It can be equipped with advanced facilities such as medicine spraying tray, medicine pump, anti-corrosion and rust prevention in the tank, high-pressure spraying equipment, non-car pump power, multi-directional water inlet and outlet joints, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, warning lights, etc. Meet the needs of different users.

Configuration instructions: Xiaokazhixing 2 body, 1600mm wide cab, 2600mm wheelbase, Quanchai: 68 horsepower, single-row forward flip, 5-speed gearbox, 1.5T front axle/2.5T rear axle, dynamic turning, ABS.

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