Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks


Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks Function:

Tanker truck features: self-absorption of oil, from the oil, computer tax refueling, fuel flow and other functions..Tanker truck (tanker) is used as the main oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar oil) transport and storage.Mobile tanker truck is the equivalent of a mobile gas station, whenever and wherever required to supply vehicles.

FAWSpecial Vehicle Chassis high quality of all ingenuity to create

First, the way of the trusted brands in strength

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Hubei Cheng Li Group plant aerial viewMap

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm tanker truck full cbmSurface chart

Cheng Li Automobile GroupCo., Ltd. is located in four seasons picturesque historical and cultural city, the Chinese ancestorYandiThe birthplace of the world's eight wonderschimesThe land, the Chinese special vehicle of all - Suizhou.

Group is a company with "a famous Chinese trademark"" Hubei Famous Brand "," Euro high-tech enterprise ""China's top 500 private enterprises"The large automobile manufacturing group, is set research and development of automotive technology, automotive, manufacturing passenger trucks, truck modification, auto parts, finance, education, property investment as one of the diversified company.

Euro Cheng Li factory direct, I believe Cheng Li brand!

Our long-term cooperation with more than 1,000 sanitation units nationwide;
We work with more than 8,000 customers nationwide long-term fixed service;

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Cheng Li Group and host more than a dozen well-known listed companies joined forces to develop!

two,Cheng LiFoton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucksperformanceperfect

Usually oil loading8The following cubic meters tanker truck used GBQ235Carbon steel plate press, oil loading8More than the Euro standard cubic meters tanker truck5MillimeterQ235Carbon steel plate press, with30More than the Euro standard cubic meters tanker truck6MillimeterQ235Carbon steel plate press.

The main chassis configuration:

Selection of specific hazardous chemicals chassis Foton, Aumark single row may be turned before the cab is mounted BFCEC 154 horsepower diesel engine, 3800mm wheelbase, fifth gear box, 8.25-R20 steel tire, air brakes, brake breathe, move forward, the clutch booster, ABS, factory air conditioning, Qianpanhougu brake, speed limiting device, and the urea tank with emission compliance exhaust gas purifying system.Environmental Protection has issued a bulletin, bulletin fuel have been issued, the family worries.

Tops main configurations:

Gasoline media: Bulletin volume 9.5 cbm, the tanker mounted in the toolbox, the maximum volume of the tank 11.2 side,

Diesel Medium: Bulletin volume 8 cbm, the tanker mounted in the toolbox, the largest tank volume of 9.4 side,

A, in Wuhan 5MM quality sheet production; rolled disposable body molding, side circular tank, the water rose type head, a position inside the tank 2 meters per corrugated breakwater board mounting a brake may be reduced when loaded with body the impact force of the vehicle body, play a security role, seamless automatic welding, 100% penetration by the liquid, pressure detector, flaw detection demanding, and issue a formal test report (report of the subject tank).

B, a single standard trucktridge body, Shandong Qilu pump, the pump handle lock box with the European standard, a single breathing valve Guankou European standard, a subsea valve, two valves gravity.

C, equipped with two 2kg fire extinguishers, and the like can body with two long pipelines, fire cap, electrostatic grounding line (safety and prevention first!)

D, paint: aluminum silver, flammable liquid paste, paste reflectors, security notices .

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Optional equipment:

Bottoms ports, downloading vapor recovery valve, the recovery of oil and gas joints, anti-flooding seat exploration probe, flowmeters, tanks, toolbox (meet your requirements)

Truck Information:

VAT receipts, certificates chassis, vehicle tools, service manuals, warranty booklet.

Foton Aumark 8 cbm shape design bowser

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucksFIG side

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucksThe previous figure

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucksFigure

Third, Foton Aumark 8 cbm tanker truck details

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Fourth, Foton Aumark 8 cbm tanker truck functions


First, the tanker truck chassis:

Tanker truck chassis usually Dongfeng, Faw , Foton, Shaanxi gas, heavy truck, Qingling, Jiangling, JAC and other large auto manufacturers special chassis of the tanker truck.

Second, the tank section:

Requires sufficient strength can body, the can body is provided inside impingement plate, the tank attachment with manhole, the liquid valve, and some tanks need insulation, configuration flow meter for a vehicle mounted two kinds of fuel truck, you can divide the warehouse to the tank.

Third, the tanker:

Tanker is the use of automotive power, mobile tanker lorry can meet the needs of urban or rural flow of oil sales.Ordinary tanker having various functions, for gasoline, diesel fuel, gasohol, reliable compact structure, small volume, easy to operate.The type of tanker brands: the Hai Seke tanker, Guangdong Hengshan tankers, Beijing Sanjin tanker, Beijing Jia Li Jia tanker, Zhengzhou is Star tanker, beads Hai Beilin tanker, the tanker HIPRA.

Fourth, automatic back reel:

Automatic back reel 10 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters optional.

V. tanker truck pump:

Tanker truck pumps typically pump, gear pumps, chemical pumps, stainless steel pumps, centrifugal pumps, heavy oil pump.

Sixth, the operating system:

Driven by the engine to the transmission, the transmission is installed on the power take off drive pump, fuel pump to generate power, the liquid inside the pump into the tank through the pipe network or to pump.

Seven fire extinguisher:

Typically two onboard refueling vehicles sodium bitruckbonate powder fire extinguishers, sodium bitruckbonate powder fire extinguishers applied to the beginning of flammable and combustible liquids, gases and the charging device.

Eight, breathing valve:

Breathing valve is fixed to the top of the tank ventilation means, to ensure the normal internal pressure state, to prevent overpressure or vacuum tank so that the tank from being damaged, can reduce the loss of volatile liquid tank.

Nine, fire cover:

Fire truck hood vortex valve structure is generally without using any tools, by means of four automobile exhaust pipe tail pipe is directly connected, or connected to a switch without fixing screws, simple and quick operation to complete the installation and removal within a few seconds.Ignition properties greater at lower concentrations of flammable materials, automobile exhaust pipe can be extinguished completely entrained in the exhaust spark.

Ten, anti-static facilities

Refueling the truck static anti-static facilities are divided into two kinds of wires and static grounding wire.

⒈ electrostatic wire before unloading oil tankers loading and unloading oil To equipment together with electrostatic wire jumper (depot are mounted inside an electrostatic wire and tanker with crossovers).Action are: ① electrostatic induction turned down tank, to avoid the occurrence of the flashover outside material; ② the potential of the oil tanker loading and the entire holding device and the like, to prevent the potential difference; ③ speed up the effect of oil leakage in the charge.When connecting the electrostatic wire must be selected without corrosion of metal parts and exposed on the tank, can not be connected in place severe corrosion or paint.

Data show that only when the entire static grounding system resistance is less than 10 in Europe, in order to achieve good performance static conductive.The ideal approach is to install a tanker in a copper contact plate portion dedicated specifically for electrostatic connector wires.

Further, the static ground wire can not be used as the electrostatic wire tanker unloading oil, because oil tanker loading and unloading, typically parked on concrete or tighter hard ground, which resistance is not static ground wire It may be less than 10 ohms, therefore, difficult to ensure that the potential of the oil with the handling device holding the like.

⒉ static ground wire and the conductive rubber has a chain-Tropsch two kinds Strip.Since the former is easy to produce sparks impinge drag, after a lapse of time when the ground is a through, plus the bleeder resistor may be increased easily corroded and other shortcomings, the use of rubber are manufactured tanker grounding strap.Static ground wire should always be adjusted to ensure good contact with the ground and should be used multimeter to check patency right, with or without fracture, identify problems and timely replacement.

Fives, Cheng Li Jie Yuan lifetime friend

Cheng Li Group compared with the same industry production qualification is the most complete, most diversified companies, the company dedicated sanitation vehicles and light trucks, tankers sales rowFirst in the Euro, Is the first time through the A2, C2 three types of pressure vessels, low-speed truck vehicle qualified acceptance, acceptance of the new Euro standard fire private enterprises.

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Cheng Li Group's ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. by almost all domestic and inter Euro certification Special Purpose Vehicle class: ISO9001-2008 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, 3C compulsory certification, GJB9001B -2009 military standard certification and privacy certification ( Euro levels), energy conservation and environmental protection certification automobile, truck exempt from certification, A Simi mechanical engineers (ASME) certification, the EU agreement ADR.

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Made all kinds of key production qualification: A2, C2, C3 pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, lorry cranes, truck cranes, fire engines and other special equipment manufacturing qualification, the Euro science and technology weapons and equipment production qualification; indigenous innovation products in more than 100 countries to obtain patents, the group trademark "Cheng Liwei", "strong" are "famous Chinese trademark", a total of1040MoreSpecies on the Euro bulletin directory.

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Six consultation process set trucks Mortgage

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Foton Aumark 8 cbm fuel trucks

Seven, after-sales service commitment:

We follow quality policy is: "products is our eternal goal, customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit of quality service is our commitment."To this end, we make the following commitments:

Free maintenance program and the time limit

1Free Warranty: One year.
2, time tracking service: life.
3, customers pay from the date of the vehicle's use, in normal use, free repair within one year, more than six months, and only pay part time charge.

4, 24-hour service: Our customer is always right for the purpose of service, customer trucke, trucke for each trolley service.


(1) To prevent the person charged.When loading and unloading, is bound to the human body, in contact with the working substance work object (bowser) friction, which will easily generate static electricity, and it is possible to form an electrostatic discharge, if at this time Qiayu flammable oil vapor, explosion occurs.The operator must wear the overalls antistatic and antistatic footwear during operation, the purpose of the ground body.Furthermore, the shoes should be thin nylon stockings or socks and other conductive, non-insulating paste film on the antistatic soles, and should be regularly checked.

(2) Static grounding can not be ignored.From the point of view tanker truck, the static electricity is produced mainly pumps, filters and pipes.Static electricity generated than ground pipeline tanker truck filling system is much higher.For electrostatic hazards, we must take the following measures:

First, connect the front oil loading a ground line, and frequently check the grounding resistance is in good condition and the standard anti-static compliance.

When oil loading crane tube extending to the bottom of the tank must be, from the bottom of the nozzle should be kept in the tank375pxAround, and strictly control the filling in muzzle velocity1m / sOr less, until the oil port is submerged and then gradually increase the flow rate, but the maximum flow rate must not exceed4.5m / sTo eliminate static electricity caused the accident splash;

After loading oil, oil must be stable5minBefore you can disconnect the ground.Because it installed after oil, due to the flow of oil in the tank, causing the oil potential but also to maintain a few years.

(3)Correct"Transitional Loading of Oil"Accidents should also pay sufficient attention.When such an accident occurred in a gasoline tank installed over the package to the diesel flash point of gasoline and diesel below, if the tank contains a diesel injection gasoline vapors, fuel vapor by being poured into a diesel absorption Save small pressure, whereupon the air is sucked into the tank, and somewhere between the liquid surface and the air intake point to form a combustible mixture, i.e. in case of accumulation of static electricity discharge explosion is generated.Therefore, the need"Transitional Loading of Oil"When, must be cleaned first gasoline tank body, and strictly follow the rules work.

(4) Use of equipment meet the technical specifications and safety requirements.Controls hair oil station, remote control, measuring instruments, valves and other equipment must be regularly tested and calibrated, and the development of relevant management systems, especially for materials made oil equipment can not be ignored.While the static grounding device can not improvise, we must act in strict accordance with specifications, truckeful installation, periodic inspection.Universal joint using a clip and a magnetic ground, should not be casually caught in or adsorbed random site refueling vehicles, even on the surface of the paint.This is extremely detrimental to the anti-static, but also a big risk.All for the sake of a moment when many users of cheap truck, not knowing what you pay, poor equipment can easily lead to accidents, such tankers for dangerous goods vehicles should pay attention.

Buy tanker truck / tanker user must understand the following points:
1.Refueling the truck door, can not be nominally private households, the need to find units on Wei Yun qualified household contact of dangerous goods chemical companies, households on linked units.
2.To be issued on the tanker households purchase invoices (purchase tax), vehicle certificate (proof test bulletin), the chassis certificate, need Dongfeng and Foton chassis chassis certificate issued by the company, tank inspection report (usually take the traffic Operations truckd when used).Then the driver to go to the Vehicle Administration "dangerous goods transport qualification certificate" of the handle.
3.Open tanker driver, apart from handling driving license, operating permits than needed for "dangerous goods qualification certificate".
4.The vehicle is operating permit vehicles engaged in road transport operations of the legal documents, if the vehicle is not operating permits, then that is operating without a license, also known as the "black truck".
5.Dangerous goods qualification certificate is engaged in hazardous materials (such as fuel, explosives, chemicals, etc.) transport drivers, in addition to a driver's certificate, but also to local transport authorities after appropriate training issue transport of dangerous goods qualification certificate, can engage in dangerous goods transport.

Purchase of fuel trucks | tanker need to apply the procedures for households:
1, a motor vehicle invoice;

2, the vehicle certificate;

3, tank inspection reports;

4, organization code linked units;
Apply for operating permits required fuel trucks: guards evidence of dangerous goods licenses for general truckgo work license
Purchase of fuel trucks | tanker on households need to apply the qualification requirements:
Car buyers must hold a qualification documents transport of dangerous goods, dangerous goods transport staff have qualification certificates and escort truckd.Anchored dangerous goods transport companies.
Refueling the truck door procedural requirements:

1, the chassis certificate;

2, vehicle certification;

3, the tank test report;

4, a motor vehicle invoice;

5, dedicated pump warranty truckd;

6, tanker maintenance manual;
Car buyers Please note that the above procedures are indispensable in the procurement of vehicles, please note truckefully check

Purchase of fuel trucks | tanker on household cost breakdown:
1.Strong insurance 3710 yuan;
2.Commercial insurance 6700 yuan (200,000);
3.Liability insurance truckrier 1400 yuan;
4.Management fee 60 yuan per ton;
5.GPS: 1200 yuan;
6.On the family vehicle under ten percent
7.Office 800 trading truckds;
8.Travel tax 300;
9.200 lights dangerous goods;
10.Two maintenance costs 300;
11.Deposit 3000;
12.Expedited license fee (according to local prices)

Need to understand these questions and other issues regarding fuel truck, you can call us!! Where in my company to purchase authentic Euro five fuel trucks, our company on the license package on the family, so you worry-free purchase!!

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