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Foton Aoling led advertising vehicle

Foton Aoling led advertising vehicle


Parameter configuration
Upload configuration

Foton Aoling led advertising vehicle modification configuration single screen configuration dual screen configuration vehicle size 5995×2150×2900mm screen size P10/P8/P6 left screen (driver side) 3.84×1.76=6.8㎡ right screen advertising light box plus single Color screen 1.28×0.32=0.4㎡ 3.84×1.76=6.8㎡ Rear screen size monochrome screen 1.28×1.44=1.84㎡ Generator brand Ouma silent generator Generator power 8KW 15KW Engine fuel type Diesel generator oil consumption 2.2L/h 4.4 liters/hour standby mains 220V computer configuration LED special industrial control shockproof computer power amplifier/number of speakers Wanshengda/high-quality audio (40WX4) base plate material aluminum checkered board/high-grade wooden floor

Chassis configuration

Foton Aoling led advertising vehicle chassis configuration engine Isuzu 110 horsepower / Cummins 117 horsepower transmission 5-speed cab single-row cab wheelbase 3360mm brake oil brake fuel type diesel front/rear axle 1.5 tons / 5 tons air conditioning optional / original Factory direction assists the original vehicle tires 7.00 steel wire tire chassis fuel consumption 8 liters/km emission standard national four type blue truck d production cycle 15 days

Vehicle description

Foton Aoling led advertising vehicle optional equipment Battery packs 8 battery packs 16 battery packs power consumption 1 kilowatt (kWh) / hour 1.5 kilowatts (kWh) / hour hydraulic lifting height 1.5 meters from the ground hydraulic stage area standard 9.7 square meters (A manual stage can be added) The number of outriggers is 4 (enhance the wind resistance and the stability of the vehicle) External power cord 30 meters

After-sales service

Three guarantees of after-sales service for chassis and bodywork for one year or 30,000 kilometers

payment method

Prepaid deposit for production, pay the balance in installments before picking up the truck


Down payment ratio 30%

Mode of transport

Come to the company to pick up or deliver the truck to the company’s logistics department

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