Foton 5 tons sprinkler


Foton 5 tons sprinkler

Futian 5 ton sprinkler chassis configuration:

It adopts Foton Times Zhongchi chassis, Chaochai’s 102 horsepower engine, 3360mm wheelbase, 2.5 tons/5 tons front and rear axles, 7.00-16 tires, directional power assistance, and automobile brakes.

Futian 5-ton sprinkler top-mounted configuration:

The tank body is welded by 4mm thick volume plates produced by Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., with anti-wave board inside, Chengli high-power sprinkler pump, which can self-suction water, pressurize drainage, 15 meters wide forward, spray dust on the back, and spray nozzles on the side. The tail height greening high-level water cannon, with a range of 32 meters, can adjust the water column, heavy and moderate rain, drizzle, etc., and can be used for temporary fire fighting.

Optional configuration of Foton 5-ton sprinkler truck:

Veyron pump, LED indicator light, pneumatic valve control, spraying unit, other special requirements, etc.

On-board accessories: 1 set of on-board tools, 2 pointed nozzles, 2 duckbill nozzles, 2 shower nozzles, 1 water cannon, 2 suction pipes, 2 small tool locks, various sealing rings and gaskets Several pieces.

Vehicle documents: vehicle manual, warranty manual, vehicle qualification certificate, chassis qualification certificate, household invoice, and exemption catalogue.

Foton 5 tons sprinkler picture

Foton 5 tons sprinkler

Foton 5 tons sprinkler

Foton 5 tons sprinkler

Foton 5 tons sprinkler

Foton 5 tons sprinkler

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Futian 5 ton sprinkler configuration

Tank thickness: It is pressed by the national standard 4.0 carbon steel plate, straight body welded, the tank mouth is closed by a pressure valve, the head opening is left with a communicating device (the internal water level can be observed), and a 1.5-meter partition in the tank body has a barrier Wave anti-oscillation effect.

Tank shape: Divided into oval tank, round tank and square circular tank.

Tank body technology: The tank body production process is divided into: blanking, splicing automatic welding, head spinning forming, tank body one-time roll forming and other domestic advanced production processes. The tank body material is made of high-quality carbon steel plate!

Piping system: consists of "pipes, valves, filtering devices, water outlets (front flushing and then spraying, side spraying; high-position side showers; rear working platform with green sprinklers).

Sprinkler pump: Equipped with high-power special sprinkler pump, the product quality is mature and reliable, the design is advanced and reasonable, and it is convenient and quick to use. Compared with similar sprinkler pumps, it has higher pressure, longer suction range and longer service life. It overcomes other sprinkler pumps that are easily entangled and pressured by debris. The shortcomings of small and slow water absorption.

Operating system: The gearbox is driven by the engine, and the power take-off installed on the gearbox drives the sprinkler pump. The sprinkler pump generates power and sprays the liquid inside the tank through the pipe network.

Scope of application: Mainly used for washing roads in large, medium and small cities, trees, green belts, lawn greening, roads, factory and mining enterprise construction, and high-altitude buildings washing. It has the functions of water spraying, dust pressing, high and low spraying, pesticide spraying, and guardrail washing. It also has the functions of water transportation, drainage, and emergency fire fighting.

Working range: Self-priming height: ≤7m, sprinkler width: ≥14m, maximum range: ≥28m; can be adjusted into a column, with a range of ≥28m; can also be adjusted into a mist, with a range of ≥15m. The head is 90 meters, the water diversion time is <5min, and the flow is 90m3/h.

Function description: The front of the sprinkler is equipped with a duck-shaped nozzle or a round nozzle, and the rear is equipped with a cylindrical sprinkler nozzle or a shower nozzle. There is a working platform at the rear and a water cannon. With fire-fighting connector, self-flow valve, self-priming function, optional 20-meter green fire-fighting reel.

Optional configuration: It can be equipped with advanced facilities such as medicine spraying tray, medicine pump, anti-corrosion and rust prevention in the tank, high-pressure spraying equipment, non-car pump power, multi-directional water inlet and outlet joints, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, warning lights, etc. Meet the needs of different users.

Configuration instructions: Xichai 92 horsepower economical engine, 5-speed gearbox, imitating Isuzu-class 5 ton rear axle, 170 dovetail girder, with warm air.

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