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Foton 3 cbm sweeper



Foton 3 cbm sweeper FIG orientation


Foton front 3 cbm sweeper FIG orientation


3 Foton rear side sweeper FIG orientation


3 Foton rear side sweeper FIG truckdinal

Foton compact sweeper performance profile and specific configuration:

1, Properties:

Four scan disk and the chuck is scavenged binding suction, sweeping excellent absorption capacity; broom can work simultaneously on both sides, one side can work independently, the cleaning mechanism is simple and reliable apparatus, it is difficult to damage.It can be cleaned by spraying with water when fully prevent secondary environmental pollution.After inspection, high performance.
2, specific configuration:
Stainless steel bins, water tank, a hydraulic pump Italian imported, long life, reliable, low failure rate; Germany hydraulic valve inlet solenoid valve; hydraulic line using standard techniques Germany seal structure, good vibration resistance, high sealing reliability can be achieved without leakage sealing effect; electrically controlled key technology components used Schneider.Cleaning system powered, non-interference by the sub-engine powered vehicle.Control box in the cab, each of the electrical centralized control system, easy to operate.Computer design appearance, high side skirt, the curved surface transition, the overall coordination of symmetry; by the chassis of the vehicle, the sub-engine, fans, solenoid-controlled valve, hopper, tank, suction cups, broom, sprinkler system, hydraulic system, electric control system composition.Providing sweeping brush priced.

Foton small sweepAnd part of the scope of application of the bus:
Sweeper composition including: a vehicle chassis, street sweeping brush, the main sweeping brush, waste storage tank, the filter, the internal driving device.A plurality of devices installed inside the sub-engine, fan, working outside the main parts of a main brush and side brush.
Sweeper is mainly used in municipal sanitation road cleaning, but in fact, they are also used in iron and steel, cement, ceramics and other building materials factories and fields, animal husbandry, agriculture, industrial and agricultural waste cleaning.

Foton three CBM sweeperThe left orientation map


Foton sweeper positive 3 cbm cbm in FIG orientation

Foton small sweeper configuration:

Foton three CBM sweeperChassis configuration: Foton times using original chassis, a single row of white may be turned before the cab, all wood attachments 68 horse power Guo five diesel engines, five-speed gearbox, the wheelbase 2600mm, 6.00 steel tires, with full 68 horsepower diesel engine, fuel economy. Using the sub-engine Yuchai 41kw (56 hp) engine.Power steering, with factory ABS, air conditioning.
Foton three CBM sweeperTops Configuration:In scan disk device 4, the rear sucker, Sanyo motors, power sub-engine Ryan, Schneider control switch, solenoid valve Heipp Reith, infinitely variable automatic clutch, centrifugal fan maintenance, stainless steel bins, Polaris electronic water pump, lifting trash l dump, the tail lamp LED arrow, emergency manual pump systems.Optional pediment sprinkle, trash self-cleaning function, reverse image monitor operations, front snow shovel, snow roll.
Foton 3 cbm sweeper Vehicle Description: The impact on the engine when automatic clutch to drive the fan, the fan starts and stops to reduce.Having a highly wear-resistant during use, long life, low noise, and low fuel consumption cost saving advantages. Taiwan listed companies using letter Northglass wear maintenance-free high-power centrifugal fan, no noise, high efficiency, air volume, long life.




1, sweeper dustbin maximum volume up to 2 cubic meters, more than four hours of sustainable jobs.Volume of 1 cubic water tank, when performing the cleaning work can effectively inhibit secondary dust.

3, the sub-engine sweepers employ dedicated fan and the hydraulic drive system to ensure the process will continue to work with to ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.

5, a transmission disposed between the sweeper and the sub-engine fan with automatic clutch, the engine can ensure that the sub-load starting and stopping automatically disengaged from the fan, reduce the impact on the sub-engine, and improve the operational reliability of the engine sub and life.

7, depending on cleaning conditions, without increasing the sub-machine throttle achieve high schools low grades scan disk speed, which can ensure that in all kinds of pollution conditions are good cleaning results while saving fuel and bristles loss.

9, imported hydraulic valve block, to ensure the stability and smooth operation of the hydraulic vehicle.

11, use is made of vacuum tube eversion imported raw materials, effectively prevent the suction tube is cut, the cracking, increases the service life.

13, provided with a sweeper brush scan disk performance engineering plastics spacer arm, good wear resistance, play-free butter maintenance, save resources.

15, using the sweeper and wide rear door opening angle greater than 85 degrees, dumping easier to clean trash.

17, further sweeper according to user needs to install pediment, sprinkling, spraying, self-cleaning reel, operating control system, an auxiliary suction tube means, snow blades, etc..


Foton three CBM sweeperFeatures:

1. Mixed manner using suction sweep garbage collection, wet dust, electro-hydraulic control, the hydraulic tilt unloading ways on pavement cleaning operation.


2. Using dedicated sub-engine driven fan and a hydraulic system, to ensure that the process can continue to work with to ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.

3. A “mid-sweep plate four spraying device + + + rear central partition nozzle” structure and layout, so that the cleaning process is not splashing sand dust, this arrangement facilitates the adjustment means and the chuck cleaning and maintenance, operation transitions when the vehicle through the good.

4. Sub transmission disposed between the engine and the fan is provided with an automatic clutch, the engine automatically ensures sub departing no-load starting and stopping of the fan, reducing the impact on the sub-engine, improved engine reliability and the sub service life.


福田3方扫路车车  Model 细节描示

福田3方扫路车车  Model 细节描示图













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