Foton 2 ton fire sprinkler



Foton 2-ton small fire sprinkler truck is preferably the second-class chassis of the National Five Environmental Protection Standard of Foton Times to maximize the satisfaction of users' needs for vehicle functions. While inheriting all the functions of the sprinkler truck, it is equipped with a large-capacity water storage tank and water pump , water cannons, etc., the fire fighting effect can reach the same level as water tank fire trucks.

The vehicle adopts the shape of a fire truck. There are three open equipment boxes at the rear, which can hold a small amount of equipment. The top is equipped with a water cannon with a one-shot program up to 25 meters. The Foton 2-ton small fire truck is 4.7 meters long, 2.7 meters high and 1.7 meters wide. , a water tank that can hold 2 tons of water, and optional equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses, water guns, and fire hydrant wrenches. Water and firefighters can be transported to the fire site for independent fire fighting. It can also absorb water from the water source for direct fire fighting, or supply water to other fire trucks and fire-extinguishing spray devices, and is superior to the function of fire trucks: the car is small and flexible, and its chassis height and body width are more suitable for road conditions in mountains, towns, and villages. It is a fire-fighting weapon for forest fire, factories and mines, towns and communities.

The Foton 2-ton small fire sprinkler truly realizes dual purposes in one vehicle: daily spraying of flowers and trees, watering of green belts, cooling and dust removal, and rapid firefighting when a fire occurs, escorting the fire safety of enterprises, factories, mines, and townships and communities.

Chassis model BJ1042V9JB5-A1 engine model All diesel engine 68 hp
Tire specifications 6.00-15LT steel wire tire wheelbase 2600mm
Emission Standards Country V Dimensions 4775X1690X2710mm
Environmental Notice has been issued Tank volume 2 tons
power takeoff side power take off equipment compartment have
fire pump Dedicated water pump (optional small hand pump structure) fire monitor high pressure water cannon
Self-priming height ≤ 7m range ≥ 25m
Feature 1:
Foton 2-ton small fire sprinkler truck adopts the shape of a fire truck. There are three open equipment boxes at the rear, which can put a small amount of equipment. The top is equipped with a water cannon with a one-shot program up to 25 meters.
Feature 2:
Foton 2-ton small fire sprinkler truck can be licensed nationwide. Because of its small size and flexibility, it is suitable for old-fashioned communities or warehouses, grain depots, factories and mines that large fire trucks cannot enter. It can also be equipped with a hand pump and put it on the rear equipment Boxes are favored by communities, enterprises, and bazaars.
Feature 3:
The product adopts a new single-row body, a National V Quanchai 68-horsepower engine, a Wanliyang 5TS32 gearbox, and an NPR rear axle. High-end configuration, excellent performance, elegant appearance, comfortable driving, energy saving and environmental protection.
Feature 4:
This product is a new star in small fire truck products. On the basis of National V emission, the body has been replaced to improve the quality and novelty of the product.
Feature 5:
The tank body can be made of high-quality Q235 carbon steel or 304 stainless steel. The total volume of the tank body is 2 tons, and the wheelbase is: 2600mm. The self-priming and self-discharging high-power fire pump is installed, and the vertical suction depth is 6 meters. The hydrant injects water into the tank, and can also be connected to a φ65 fire hose and a water gun to extinguish the fire.
Feature 6:
The tail of the tank is a 2.5 cubic equipment box, which can be placed with hoses, fire fighting suits, fire axes, fire extinguishers and shovels. The roof is installed with adjustable fog and column fire monitors with a range of ≥ 25 meters.
Feature 7:
The vehicle is equipped with a front flushing device between the tank and the cab, which can flush the road. One car can be used for multiple purposes, which can be used for fire emergency fire extinguishing, and can also be used for flushing the road, landscaping, etc.
Foton 2 ton fire sprinklerFoton 2 ton fire sprinklerFoton 2 ton fire sprinklerFoton 2 ton fire sprinkler

Free maintenance plan and period:

1. Tracking service time: lifetime;
2. From the date of delivery to the customer, within the normal use range, free repairs within 10,000 kilometers or within one year (excluding wearing parts and electrical parts), more than one year, only the parts fee will be charged;
3. Service arrival time: within the province, within 24 hours; other areas, technical response within 24 hours;
4. Arrange engineering and technical personnel to visit regularly or irregularly every year to eliminate faults in time, and actively prevent faults.

Free period spare parts supply price method
1. Method: unified supply at the local FAW Dongfeng technical service station, and direct delivery by the manufacturer according to user requirements;
2. The accessories only charge the cost of production, and no other fees are added.

5. If the chassis of the product is faulty, please repair it at the nearest service station according to the chassis manufacturer.

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