Fire Fighting Truck


Introduction of Fire Fighting Truck

Fire Fighting Truck

Description of Fire Fighting Truck

Fire Fighting Truck, also known as fire trucks, are vehicles designed and manufactured to be suitable for use by firefighters, equipped with various fire-fighting equipment or extinguishing agents, and used by fire forces to extinguish, assist or extinguish fires. Fire trucks are usually equipped with steel ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, demolition tools, first aid tools and other equipment, and some are also equipped with large fire extinguishing equipment such as water tanks, pumps, and foam fire extinguishing devices. The fire trucks in most areas are red, but there are also fire trucks in some areas that are yellow, as are some special fire trucks. There are usually alarm bells, sirens, and flashing lights on the top of fire trucks. Common types of fire trucks include water tank fire trucks, foam fire trucks, dry powder fire trucks, remote water supply fire trucks, elevated fire trucks, and ladder-elevated fire trucks.

1. Flow: Low pressure 60L / s.

2. Pressure: low pressure 1.0Mpa.

3. Diversion time: ≤50s.

4. Combined working conditions: low pressure (1.0MPa): 30L / s.

5. Installation form: rear mounted.

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