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Fecal Suction Truck

April 20, 2020

Introduction of Fecal Suction Truck

Forland Fecal Suction Truck

Description of Fecal Suction Truck:

Manure suction trucks are mainly used for special vehicles for cleaning in septic tanks, sewage ditches and sewers. They are mainly used by urban and rural sanitation departments to pump and transport manure and other sewage. Suitable for pumping manure, sewage, sludge slurry and liquids with small suspended debris, suitable for municipal sanitation, large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises, communities, schools, septic tank cleaning and transfer, urban pipeline cleaning and unblocking, factory marsh Liquid biogas residue cleaning.

Configuration: Power take-off, transmission shaft, vacuum suction pump, high-pressure forming tank, water-gas separator, oil-gas separation, multi-way directional valve, boom, manure discharge valve, manure suction gun, pipe network system, and Equipped with vacuum pressure gauge, visual pollution window (pipe), hand washing device. Hand washing device, liquid level sight tube, rear window, tank body can be made of stainless steel, you can choose the truck spray color, hydraulic alarm device, suction truck with sprinkler function, and high pressure cleaning function.

Main features of Fecal Suction Truck

1. The fecal suction guide tube can be rotated 360 degrees, and there are two ways to discharge: pressurized discharge and gravity discharge.

2. The time of pumping the full tank of sewage (feces) into the manure suction truck is ≤5min, and the suction stroke is ≥7m.

3. The vacuum manure suction truck is self-priming and self-discharging, has a fast working speed, large capacity, and convenient transportation.

4. It is suitable for collecting and transporting crude oil liquid substances, sewage sludge, silt, stones and other materials with large volume and small water content.

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