FAW V flatbed transporter


FAW V flatbed transporter

Jiefanglong V flatbed transporter_Jiefanglong V excavator flatbed truck price ¥151,000, Long V cab, vehicle size: 9000x2500x2900, wheelbase: 5250, configuration: Xichai 190 horsepower, Shaanxi gear eight gears, 9 tons rear axle , 9.00R20 tires, the effective plate length of the flat plate is 6.5 meters (including slopes), the plate width is 2.48 meters, and it can be extended to 3.2 meters wide. The preferred model for excavators below 15 tons!

FAW V flatbed transporter

Configuration 1: Xichai 190 horsepower euro VI engine, Shaanxi gear 8-speed gearbox with high and low gears, 9T rear axle, 900R20 steel wire tires, wheelbase 5250mm, 237 double-layer beams, vehicle size: 9000X2500X2900, plate length 6500mm (including slopes) ), ABS, electric windows and doors, driving recorder, original air conditioner. The total mass is 16 tons, the rated load is 9.37 tons, and the curb is 6.5 tons. The double-spring ladder is standard, and the single-section and double-section hydraulic ladder are optional.

Configuration 2: Weichai 220 horsepower euro VI engine, new Dragon V2.0 cab, Fast 8-speed gearbox with high and low gears, 1000 steel wire tires, 10 tons rear axle, 5250 wheelbase, air conditioning, airbag seat, driving Recorder, luxurious interior, 18 tons total mass, vehicle size: 9000*2550*2970mm, total mass: 18 tons, load capacity: 9.99 tons, curb: 7.88 tons.

FAW V flatbed transporter

The standard configuration of the body: 100*100*5mm square tubes are used for the beams of the flat bottom plate, the distance between the beams is 25~30 cm, the bottom plate is made of 5mm~8mm patterned plates, the oblique support is encrypted and welded, and the gantry frame is welded with thickened channel steel. The climbing ladder adopts double spring reinforced design, adopts three bars + double spring reinforcement welding, and has rear outriggers at the slope. The effective plate length of the flat plate is 6.5 meters (including slopes), the plate width is 2.55 meters, and it can be extended to 3.2 meters wide and less than 15 tons. The preferred model for excavators!

Optional configuration for the upper installation: optional hydraulic automatic climbing ladder, folding and extended hydraulic automatic climbing ladder, the width can be extended and widened, and the width can be extended with optional hydraulic automatic. Reasonable choice, a car with multiple uses, a tool for making money.

FAW V flatbed transporter

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