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FAW Tigers VN road sweeper


FAW Tigers VN sweeper front side orientation map


FAW Tigers VN sweeper is the former orientation map


FAW Tigers VN sweeper oblique orientation of FIG.


FAW Tigers VN sweeper lifting map

FAW Tigers VN sweeper Description:
Chassis Configuration:FAW Qingdao FAW of the Euro selected five dedicated chassis, the Tiger VN single row cab, equipped with Weichai 110-horsepower diesel engine, 3300mm wheelbase, five-speed box, 7.00-R16 steel tires, air brakes, ABS, dynamic Changan e, with urea pipe and in line with Euro V emission standards of exhaust gas purification system, GB7258-2017 new regulations chassis.

Tops configuration:The model fitting onto two types of chassis, the installation of the sub-engine, turbine, water boxes, bins, sweeping brush, the rear sucker, sweeping dust disk system, hydraulic system, a dedicated device electronic control system and other sub-frame refitted to make.

1.The main operating parameters of the vehicle: ① sweeping width: 3 m -3.2 m; ② operational capability: 40000-60000㎡ / h; ③ the maximum particulate: ∮110mm; ④ cleaning efficiency: ≥95%; ⑤ operating speed: 3-25km / h; ⑥ maximum discharge hopper angle: ≥45 °.
2.JMC secondary engine using 57kw (77 hp), Yuchai 57KW (77 horsepower) diesel engines.
3.Water tank full use of on-board space, volume: 1.5m3, truckbon steel, built-in water level alarm, so that the pump run more secure to protect the cleaning efficiency.
4.Trash of stainless steel, volume: 4m3, using tipping discharge envelope, to maximize the use of space waste loading hopper.
5.Luoyang North Glass uses high-power wearable maintenance-free centrifugal fans, no noise, high efficiency, air volume, long life.
6.In scan disk device 4, installation of the sweeping brush spray means for spraying dust.Left swipe can be controlled separately, and may be implemented separately from the full scan single sweep mode of operation, such as different.
7.Xiamen impact on the engine when driving south ultra maintenance-free automatic clutch fan reduces fan start and stop.Having a highly wear-resistant during use, long life, low noise, and low fuel consumption cost saving advantages.
8.Sanyo orbital motors and high-quality diaphragm pumps, reliable long life, low failure rate.
9.Bo licensing the use of high-quality solenoid valve, a key Siemens PLC control system, two-way button operation, high reliability, long life.
10.Hydraulic components superimposed integrated design, centralized control of electro-hydraulic cab, easy to operate sweep plate lifting, rotating, lifting the mouthpiece, the back door opening and closing the hopper, hopper tilt reset mechanical action.
11.Comes with manual pump emergency system in secondary engine stopped lifting the trash can, easy maintenance.
12.Arrow lamp using LED rear warning lights, to ensure Operation Safety.
13.Cutting member by electrophoresis rust treatment, durable.
14.Bo using hydraulic cylinders, rotation of the structure using the spacer tech wear-resistant engineering, precision cold-formed seamless hydraulic tubing.
15.Appearance computer design, high side skirts, curved transition, the overall coordination of symmetry, creating low fuel consumption, low noise, streamlined appearance.
16.Spare parts list: fire hose, insurance strut, fan belts, fan seal each set.
17.Optional Configuration: the choice of stainless steel solution tank, before and after the spraying means, after installation of sprinkler sprinkling downfield function, internet greening greening injection gun, the gun reel.
Sweeper Scope:
Rural roads, highways, road dust and other plant is not thick cleaning job site.


FAW Tigers VN sweeper positive side orientation map


FAW Tigers VN sweeper rear side orientation map



FAW Tigers VN sweeper


FAW Tigers VN sweeper

FAW Tigers VN sweeperVehicle configuration:


FAW Tigers VN road sweeping vehicles, tank volume 1.5 side, the volume of the dust box 4 side, the sub-engine horsepower JMC 78, from the separation clutch maintenance, maintenance-free fan, stainless steel tank, stainless steel bins, arrow tail lamp LED.FAW Tiger VN cab, wheelbase 3300, all wood attachments 95 or Y movable 95/110 WEICHAI horsepower engines, five-speed gearbox, the welding axle 130, 7.00R16 steel tire.


FAW Tigers VN sweeper front side orientation map

FAW Tigers VN sweeper rear side orientation map

解放虎VN扫路车车  Model 细节展示

解放虎VN扫路车车  Model 细节展示图






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