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FAW Tigers V5 5 tons sprinkler

FAW Tigers V5 5 tons sprinkler

Chassis configuration: Cab width 1900MM, all wood 110 horsepower, Wanliyang speed gearbox 5, 7.00R16 steel tire, 3300mm wheelbase, breathe brake, clutch power, power steering, ABS, cruise control, the control electric glass.


 解放虎VN 5吨洒水车前左面图

FAW Tigers V5 5 tons sprinkl

Tops Configuration: 5 cubic tank volume, before the standard hedge, sprinkle, side spray, high rainfall, the work platform, green water cannons, as long as water tank 2, sprinkler pipes, seamless steel tubes, the front body portion with an amount of water, interface with the fire, gravity valve.Machine rotary tank advanced time molding technique, to ensure the accuracy and aesthetic tank. Euro’s unique paint process, corrosion and rust, multi-layer primer, paint spraying.Full-featured, irrigation, spraying, road maintenance, spraying dust, spray and other anti-aircraft artillery, high-quality water pumps, water pipes rational design.


 解放虎VN 5吨洒水车前右面图

FAW Tigers V5 5 tons sprinkler tank

Wuhan 4MM thick using a special volume rolled sheet molding, seamless molded completely done. sprinkler pump section vertical suction ≧ 7 meters sprinkler width ≧ 16 yards downfield.Tank equipped with multi-channel anti-wave partitions, high pressure gas leak detection, the tank has high strength, focus steady, safe and stable vehicle.Powerful pumps, the sprinkler pediment (spray) and sprinkle with side spray with fire interface 65, after the platform with doors with no bubbles, the front seal headband level gauge, with the main line after the platform 1 inch watering interfaces, the ladder, steel wire with 3 meters pumped two plastic tubes, used for pumping operation; tank after work platform, the platform with safety barriers, a gun mounted high green sprinkler spraying water cannons may be 360 degrees of rotation, a continuous tone into a straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, drizzle, etc. different spraying method, into a straight shape range ≥ 28m length, height ≥ 12m, the width of the range into a rain-like ≥ 15m; channel connected to the latter work platform welded 5mm thick bumper, enhance active safety sprinkler .With the first assessment of the quality of dedicated sprinkler pump power, the pump self-priming from the row, the filter installed, interface with the fire hydrant can be by water, with gravity valve, optional vehicle 20 m green reel, pesticides can be sprayed.


 解放虎VN 5吨洒水车正右侧面图

FAW Tigers V5 5 tons sprinkler

body: Cab width 1900MM, all-inclusive interior, low-angle design, three people comfortable ride, the industry’s widest cab., 5 cubic tank volume (t) monitor sprinkler head width 15 m 30 m 7 m vertical suction pump flow 20 cubic meters / hour pump head 90 m 3 standard by the number of (human)


 解放虎VN 5吨洒水车正左侧面图

FAW Tiger V5 5 tons sprinkler with the first assessment of the quality of the dedicated sprinkler pump power, the pump self-priming from the row, the filter installed, interface with the fire hydrant can be by water, with gravity valve, optional vehicle 20 m green reel, the pesticide can be sprayed.All-diesel 110 horsepower, powerful, matched with high-end generous cab vehicle reasonable price and high cost for the road green belt irrigation.

 解放虎VN 5吨洒水车后右面图

FAW Tigers V5 5 tons sprinkler vehicle quality performance to win, but to get more details on the advantages recognized by people, is sprinkler annual sales champion. Tank body can be used for anti-corrosion treatment, the outer tank can be used rockwool or urethane foam insulation, with 1.Outsourcing 2mm thick cold rolled plate, and overflow tank installation, configuration and other personalized water level gauge.

FAW Tiger the V5, 5 tons sprinkler Vehicle Specifications, tank volume of 5 cubic (t), sprinkler width of 15 meters, 30 meters head of water cannons, vertical suction 7m pump flow 20 cubic meters / hour, pump head 90 m, the number of passengers allowed 3 (people) as standard FAW tigers VN 5 tons sprinkler tank is made of 4mm thick Wuhan Iron and high-quality sheet, sprinkle pump, water spray gun, working platform, PTO, pediment, sprinkle, universal mouth, gravity valve, strainer, the dispensing valve, the nozzle, self-absorption band from the discharge function.Optional equipment FAW Tigers VN 5 tons sprinkler sprinkling medicine can be installed disk, drug pumps, tank corrosion preventive, multi-position out of the water connector, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves and other advanced facilities to meet the needs of different users.

 解放虎VN 5吨洒水车前右边图片

The FAW five tons sprinkler chassis advantage

Cab width 1900MM, all-inclusive interior, low-angle design, three people comfortable ride, the industry’s widest cab.

View: combination no dead angle mirror, a top mirror, the mirror, the upper cab broader perspective.

Column: width, thickness, strength of the cab to ensure high safety.

Industry best: standard breathe brake, power steering, clutch booster, auto brake, all-inclusive interior more warm.

Fog lights: the rainy season in the south to ensure driving safety.

Air conditioning: The trucks of the spin button.

Frame: 180 * 760mm wide front frame and the like, a large track 1480mm, with a more stable, more stable steering.

Battery: 24V maintenance-free, starting current, long charge storage time.


The FAW of five tons sprinkler vehicle Advantage


Advantage models: sprinkler models, the industry share of the first

Engine advantage: all wood 110 Euro V emission standards, powerful engine, improve faster, more economical and fuel-efficient, environmental pollution!

Transmission Advantage: 5-speed gearbox, large torque, climbing fast, high inter Euro quality, quality, lightweight operation

Axle advantage: the vehicle is equipped with high-strength bridge, strong bearing capacity, maintenance-free demolition, saving more money!

Cab Advantages: FAW Tiger VN cab, noise effects, and overall stronger, more secure!Luxury center console, mobile luxury mansion!

Vehicle advantages: the creation of high-speed, high efficiency, high reliability, saving the best profit model

Service: Euro 1300 service outlets, good service, so you worry-free sale!Quality Assurance:

Tank material: Wuhan Iron and Steel 4mm

Pump: Yifeng / Dragon / Dragon


sprinkler Encyclopedia


The FAW of five tons sanitation sprinkler mainly suitable for a variety of road washing, trees, green belts, green lawns, roads, factories, mines and construction companies building high-altitude construction rinse.With a sprinkler , pressure dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, now widely used in urban, rural sanitation sprinkler truckeer.


Green belt on both sides of the road for the FAW of sprinkler , spray a large garden of drugs, can be used for temporary emergency Fire sprinkler s, it is equipped with fire sprinkler s per special interface.Driven by the engine gearbox, the gearbox is mounted on the power take off drive sprinkler pump, sprinkler pump generating the main driving force, the liquid sprayed out of the interior of the tank through the pipe network.Self-priming height: ≤7m, sprinkler width: ≥20m, maximum range: ≥28m; can be adjusted into a column, a range of ≥ 28m; can also be adjusted into a fog, range ≥5m.


FAW sanitation sprinkler sprinkler can be converted into different tonnage to meet the needs of customers, divided by tonnage: the FAW of five tons of second-hand sprinkler , sprinkler j6 FAW, the FAW of 151 sprinkler , the FAW of 143 sprinkler , sprinkler FAW eight FAW 2-3 cbm sprinkler , sprinkler FAW of eight tons, 18 tons j6 sprinkler FAW, FAW truckds 10 tons sprinkler , the FAW of Changchun sprinkler , sprinkler and other FAW tigers v.


Hubei Cheng Li FAWsprinkler manufacturers to provide you with a quote FAWsprinkler , the FAW of five tons of second-hand where to buy sprinkler , sprinkler FAW of five tons of second-hand prices, FAW model sprinkler pictures Daquan, 15 tons while the production of the FAW of sprinkler prices for users to purchase a variety of brands, including Dongfeng sprinkler , sprinkler FAW, Jiangling sprinkler , do not leap sprinkle truck, JAC sprinkler , sprinkler and other heavy truck.


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