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Faw Tiger V light duty 13.5m Aerial Operation / Bucket Truck

Euro VI Faw Tiger V light duty 13.5m Aerial Operation / Bucket Truck


Vehicle technical parameters of Faw Aerial Operation / Bucket Truck 
product name Faw Tiger V Aerial Operating Vehicle Vehicle model CLW5040JGKC6
Total mass (Kg) 4495 Maximum speed (km/h) 95
Curb weight (Kg) 4365 Dimensions (mm) 5990×1980×2950
Working height 13.5 meters Rated load (Kg) 200kg


Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Faw Tiger V Chassis model CA1041P40K50L1BE6A84
Number of axes 2 Number of tires 6
Wheelbase (mm) 2800mm Tyre model 6.50R16,195/70R15
Number of passengers 2 people Fuel type Diesel oil
Emission Standards Euro Six engine model Q23-95E60
Displacement (ml) 2.3 Power (kw) 70
Upload configuration
Chassis configuration The Jiefang V Tiger 13.5m aerial operating vehicle chassis adopts the Jiefang V Tiger chassis, original air conditioning, direction assist, electric glass, central control door lock, 650 steel wire tires, and air brake. The external dimensions are 5990×1980×2950mm, and the wheelbase is 2800mm.
Upload configuration
The Jiefang V Tiger 13.5m aerial operating vehicle adopts a folding crank arm structure, the operating arm is three-section folding, the working bucket and the turntable have double working positions, up and down operation, electro-hydraulic valve control, 360-degree rotation, four hydraulic outriggers, and working bucket The engine can be controlled to start and stop, the boom is equipped with a hoisting hook system, the hook lifting weight is ≤900kg, the manned working bucket is 200kg, the steel tool box and the pattern anti-skid platform, and the stainless steel fence.
Vehicle advantage The main components of Chengli aerial vehicle hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic tubing, hydraulic locks, balance valves, gear pumps, power take-offs, multi-way valves, etc. are all domestic well-known brands. The hydraulic system of the vehicle has stable reversing and flexible and convenient operation; The working arms are interlocked, safe and reliable, to prevent misoperation; H-shaped outriggers have a large span and good stability. The outriggers can be independently stretched and linked, and the rear outriggers are equipped with outriggers and flashing lights for operation. When the outrigger is profiled, it sends out a light alarm signal.
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