FAW Jiefang V 8×4 flatbed transporter


FAW Jiefang V 8x4 flatbed transporter

The total mass of the Jiefang han V is 31 tons and the curb weight is 14 tons. The whole vehicle is not overweight, and it is legal and compliant. ], the engine can choose Weichai 310, 350 horsepower, the board length is 8.3 meters, it can be installed by installments, and the service fee is free. For details, please contact the customer service staff of the special vehicle network.

FAW Jiefang V 8×4 flatbed transporter

Jiefanghan V cab, 1900+3200+1350mm wheelbase, optional Weichai 310hp engine, Weichai 350hp, Shaanxi Fast 10-speed gearbox, 5t front axle, 13t rear axle, 11.00R20 steel wire Tire, 4U bolt, central control lock, internal spline power take-off, front and lower protection, double air filter, with domestic ABS(S), with water cold treasure, electric lift, electric windows and doors, original air conditioner, Beidou+ GPRS driving recorder, 8mm pattern plate on the board surface, manual widening of the board surface, 140 sets of 120 square tubes of beam material, material thickness 6mm, double spring ladder, simple outriggers, widened gantry, easy to pull 40 tons of excavators.

FAW Jiefang V 8x4 flatbed transporter configuration parameters

Vehicle model AAA5310TPBCA5, CLW5312TPBC5 liberate the front four and rear eight flatbed trucks
Chassis model CA3310P1K2L3T4BE5A80
engine Weichai 310 horsepower, Weichai 350 horsepower
gearbox Liberate 10 files
Rated quality 16830kg
rear axle 13 tons 457
wheelbase 1900+3200+1350mm
Outside dimensions 11000x2500x3100mm
tire 11.00R20 steel wire tire

FAW Jiefang V 8x4 flatbed transporter reviews

Jiefanghan V has a good reputation in the terminal market due to its light weight and high cost performance. The Jiefanghan V is upgraded on the basis of the original Humvee. There are many similarities in the room, and they are positioned in the market for lightweight, economical and durable quasi-heavy truck products. From the front, the Han V adopts the face design of the European car family, which highlights the brand of Qingdao Liberation, and highlights the U-shaped theme style.

Jiefanghan V adopts a four-point fully floating cab, an airbag seat for the main driving position, and a newly designed steering wheel, which is more textured and makes the operation more comfortable. At the same time, Han V adopts aluminum alloy fuel tank and aluminum alloy air storage tank to fully reduce the vehicle's own weight. The two cars inside the cab are of flat-floor structure. From the perspective of space, the V-V has a high sitting position and a wide field of vision.

From the side view, the car adopts the design of secondary aluminum alloy pedals, which is more convenient and safe to get on the car. There is also the vehicle name and power logo under the door. The overall line of the Humvee is stronger than that of the new Humvee, but there is no pull flower on the body of the new Humvee. The Han V sleeper adopts a small side window structure, and at the same time, there are punched reinforcing ribs to improve the side strength.

Jiefanghan V has a wheelbase of 1900+3200+1350mm and a short wheelbase. It is equipped with a high-horsepower engine and a high-torque gearbox. The vehicle is flexible and easy to operate. It is very suitable for use in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other regions. The modified part has standard and thickened materials to choose from. The flat plate is equipped with telescopic, and the maximum width can reach 3.2 meters, which is more practical!

Provide vehicle qualification certificate, chassis qualification certificate, national unified motor vehicle invoice, on-board tools, warranty/three guarantees manual, manual, national service station directory, so that you can be worry-free, convenient and fast, purchase with confidence, and save time and worry .

Jiefanghan V front four-rear-eight flatbed transporter (Jiefang Jiefang front-four-rear-eight excavator flatbed truck) is suitable for transporting 400 model excavators and construction machinery within 40 tons. Such as: excavators, forklifts, road rollers, drilling rigs, harvesters, pipe jacking machines, loaders, forklifts and other non-removable objects.


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