FAW Jiefang J6 water truck

Jiefang J6 sprinkler truck is a 12-ton sprinkler truck with a volume of 12 square meters modified with Jiefang J6 series 4000mm wheelbase chassis. The interface is a common greening sprinkler for landscaping and road maintenance, and can also be used as emergency fire protection.

FAW Jiefang J6 water truck parameter configuration table and picture display

 FAW Jiefang J6 water truck

【Technical parameters of FAW Jiefang J6 water truck
product name Jiefang J6 sprinkler Product number CLW5160GSSC6 sprinkler truck
Total mass (Kg) 16200 Tank volume (m3) 12
Rated load mass (Kg) 9355,9420 Dimensions (mm) 7380×2520×3200
Curb weight (Kg) 6650 Number of occupants in the cab (person) 3
Approach angle/Departure angle (°) 16/15 Front suspension/rear suspension(mm) 1400/1980
Axle load(Kg) 6000/10200 Maximum speed (Km/h) 89
Remark 1. The car is only modified with a 4000mm wheelbase, and the effective volume of the tank is 9.82 cubic meters.
2. The outer dimension of the tank (long x long axis x short axis) is (mm): 4200 x 2300 x 1470.
3. Protection material: Q235B carbon steel, connection method: the left and right side protection and the rear lower protection are connected by welding, the rear protection section size (mm): 150 × 50, the rear protection height from the ground (mm): 480.
4. Special device: tank, mainly used for road watering and landscaping.
【Chassis technical parameters FAW Jiefang J6 water truck】
Chassis model CA1160P62K1L2A2E6Z Chassis name Flat Top Diesel Truck Chassis
brand name liberation card manufacturer China FAW Group Corporation
number of axes 2 Number of tires 6
Wheelbase(mm) 4000
Tire specifications 9.00R20, 10.00R20, 10R22.5
Number of leaf springs 10/7+6,7/7+6,10/12+8 Front track(mm) 1800,1827
Fuel type diesel fuel Rear Track(mm) 1860,1800
Emissions according to standards GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 euro VI ( euro VI)
engine model engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power(Kw)
China FAW Group Co., Ltd.
China FAW Group Co., Ltd.
China FAW Group Co., Ltd.
China FAW Group Co., Ltd.
Other information
Dedicated function description:

Chassis configuration:

Jiefang J6L sprinkler truck , with a tank volume of 12 cubic meters, has an exemption announcement (which can be exempted from vehicle purchase tax) . It adopts the original chassis produced by Jiefang Company, and the cab is equipped with a luxurious interior interior with a half row and a sleeping position. It is equipped with a Dao Dachai 180-horsepower engine, a 4000mm wheelbase, a 6-speed gearbox of FAW Jiefang, a 9.00R20 steel wire tire, and the whole vehicle is equipped with steering and clutch assist, and air pressure control. Move, cut off the air brake, air conditioning.

Retrofit configuration:

The actual volume of the tank is : 12 cubic meters (12 tons of water).

Tank body dimensions: 4500/2300/1480 (long/long axis/short axis) (mm).

The whole vehicle is equipped with: front flushing and rear spraying, side spraying , rear-mounted working platform, and high-pressure water cannon on the platform. Equipped with high-quality and high-power special sprinkler pump, power take-off, debris filter, national standard universal 65-type fire interface, 1 Set of self-flow ball valve system, 2 steel wire hoses (with yin and yang quick joints), with locks, water level gauges, operating tweeters. Reinforced bumpers on both sides and rear, non-slip ladders, hose storage cylinders, etc.



FAW Jiefang J6 water truck

FAW Jiefang J6 water truck


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