FAW Jiefang J6 bulk feed truck


FAW Jiefang J6 bulk feed truck

Guide: Jiefang J6 bulk feed truck, Dachai 240 horsepower engine, tank volume 20-25 cubic meters, Chengli feed factory manufacturers quote ¥250,000, which can be installed in installments, free of installment service fees.

FAW Jiefang J6 bulk feed truck

FAW Jiefang J6 bulk feed truck

FAW Jiefang J6 bulk feed truck Vehicle configuration

1. Jiefang J6 series row semi-cab chassis, Dachai 240 horsepower engine, 6-speed gearbox, 280 double-layer girder, front axle 4.5 tons, rear axle 9 tons (reinforced front and rear leaf springs), 10.00R20 steel wire tire, air brake , Exhaust brake, with original ABS, air conditioning. .

2. The top loading tank is made of WISCO special volume board, which can be 20 cubic meters according to user requirements. The size of the tank is 6100×2450×2190mm. There are 3 independent compartments in the standard warehouse, and the electric winch can be selected according to the actual situation of the user. Dragon type (three-phase electricity matching place) or hydraulic auger type (no three-electricity place). The unloading speed is 1 cubic meter per minute, or more than 0.6 tons, and the unloading height is about 7.5 meters, which fully meets the filling needs of the feed tower of the farm.

3. Personalized options: hydraulic auger, generator set, wireless remote control, and other special requirements can be customized.

Working principle of FAW Jiefang J6 bulk feed truck

1. Feed factory loading: each bin is an independent bin and can be loaded with different types of feed;

2. Transportation: the warehouse cover and valve are closed and the auger is returned to its original position;

3. Unloading: the discharge auger is aligned, the lifting auger works, and the horizontal auger works, and the unloading sequence and unloading speed of each bin can be individually controlled;

4. Farm: adjust the discharge auger according to the position of the storage tank to connect with it.

vehicle advantage of FAW Jiefang J6 bulk feed truck

1. Standard with remote control function for 20 square and above

2. Hydraulic tank with cooling function

The electric auger is a new product newly developed for different customer groups and meets the low-end market. The car is not equipped with an on-board generator. The electric auger uses three-phase 380V mains power to supply power, and the wheel spacing is small and can be adapted to rural roads. The car is very cost-effective and is very popular with customers. It is suitable for small farms and feed factories with narrow road conditions. The mechanical screw unloading method is adopted, the unloading speed is fast, the continuous operation can be performed, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. Each component has a simple structure, convenient and flexible operation, and easy maintenance.

FAW Jiefang J6 bulk feed truckFAW Jiefang J6 bulk feed truck


1. Suitable for feed processing plants, farms, short-distance transportation

2. The conveying method and equipment, please choose according to the actual place

3. Production cycle: 15 working days


Contact customer service for reserve price: +86 18872992009 (same number on WeChat)

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